When considering a Smart meter, try to consider the advantages and disadvantage of owning a Smart meter.

Not only are there many benefits to you personally, but there are also environmental and wider benefits to owning a Smart meter to consider too.

Advantages of a Smart meterDisadvantages of a Smart meter
Convenience- you won’t need to give meter readings anymore

These will be sent to us by your Smart meter automatically.

No more fumbling around in the dark trying to get to your gas and electric meters.
A Smart meter alone can’t save you money

They provide statistics on your energy use, but it’s up to you to put make the positive changes needed.

A Smart meter gives you information so you can make more informed decisions about how you use energy in your home.
More accurate bills

Smart meters mean you won’t receive estimated bills* anymore as the meters send your usage figures to us directly.

Traditional energy billing required a degree of guesswork.

There’s also less room for human error. We’ve all accidentally missed off the odd number when supplying meter reads now and then!
Switching suppliers might mean you lose some Smart functionality

The issue is with the technology behind the current Smart meters known as SMETS1.

When you do switch suppliers, this could mean your Smart meter may not be able to communicate with your new supplier’s systems and you may have to start sending in meter readings again.

If this happens, a Smart meter may still be able to send information to the in-home display, so you can still see the amount of energy you’re using.

This compatibility issue affects all suppliers but is currently being worked on and is likely to be fixed when SMETS2 meters are ready to be rolled out late 2018.

If you're midway through a 2 year fixed contract or plan to stick around for even longer, why delay getting a Smart meter when you could start enjoying the benefits of Smart now?

Remember, you always have the right to switch suppliers if you have a Smart meter, you just have to do it as per the terms and conditions of the tariff you signed up to.
Have greater control of your energy consumption

On a Smart Energy Display, you can see how much your energy costs you in pounds and pence - so you can keep track of what your bill is likely to be.

You can also see when you use the most energy - and where you could use less. You’ll be able to switch on appliances to see the costs stack up and find new ways to save money.
You don’t have to talk to your energy supplier anymore about meter readings anymore

As a Smart meter handles all the meter readings for you automatically, this means you don’t have to call your energy supplier up to supply the readings manually, or call to arrange a meter reader to come out.

Some may view this as disadvantage of having a Smart meter, and some may see this as a blessing in disguise!
Wireless display unit means you can track your energy usage from anywhere in the house

Traditional meters are usually hidden away and while Smart meters are installed in similar places, you are always given a portable display unit which shows your usage in pounds and pence.

This means if you suspect an old appliance in the garage is guzzling more gas or electricity needed, as long as it’s in range of the network you can take your display unit with you while you check it out.

Or perhaps that beast of a PC in the study is still in standby mode, take your unit with you and see how the numbers change when you turn it off!
The Smart meter installation process could help flag potential electrical or gas safety issues around your home

Our installers undergo extensive training to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained and in many cases, Smart meter installers have actually identified potential problems in peoples’ homes, which they may not have otherwise known about.

We share this information with you so you’ll be able to contact the right people to fix any issues.
You can do your bit for the environment

Even the most energy conscious people can find ways to save a bit more when they have real-time energy use info at their fingertips.

This advancement can help us all to use energy more wisely and avoid wastage. That’s cheaper for us and kinder to our planet.
Helps to reduce power outages

At peak times, the gap between available capacity and demand is worrying small. The UK had a margin of only 6.6% capacity in winter 2016/17.

Smart meters could help the grid manage gas and electricity demand and supply smartly and ensure we can keep the lights on.
You’ll have more choice of tariffs and suppliers

As the energy market modernises, new types of supplier and tariffs exclusive to Smart meter owners will start to appear, offering you more choice and incentives to switch.

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