We’ve thousands of customers from Bramley to Barnsley and Dalton to Doncaster: we’re proud to power Yorkshire.

We’ve installed over 150,000 Smart meters across Yorkshire, and power 430,000 homes in the region.

We love Yorkshire so to celebrate Yorkshire Day, we asked 500 Yorkshire folk what makes them proud to be from God’s own county.

Top 10 things Yorkshire folk are most proud of

  1. The beauty of the natural landscape
  2. Its rich heritage
  3. The people
  4. The local dishes
  5. The bustling cities
  6. The accent
  7. The past celebrities (e.g Bronte sisters)
  8. The dialect
  9. The industrial exports
  10. The current celebrities (e.g Jeremy Clarkson)

It seems that while the county’s rich heritage and the friendly residents claim the top few spots on the list, it’s the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales and spectacular heather-covered Yorkshire Moors that makes its residents the proudest.Yorkshire Moors heather in bloom- Yorkshire day 2019 Yorkshire folk are renowned for their unique ability to call a spade a spade, it must be something in the water or perhaps it’s something to do with the copious amounts of tea they drink.

Number of cups of tea drank across Yorkshire

Total cups of tea: 14,106,926

Per minute: 9,796

Per second: 162

Our survey found that the average Yorkshire person drinks 2.6 cups a day, that’s a total of 14,106,926 cups of tea drank across the region every single day.

That’s roughly 162* cups of tea a second.Number of cups of tea drank in Yorkshire a day - Yorkshire day 2019The Moors and The Vikings aren’t the only reasons to celebrate Yorkshire. It seems the whole nation can find something to appreciate about God’s own county.

According to our national Yorkshire Day survey, two-thirds of the country have either visited Yorkshire or lived there at some point in their lives and nearly 1 in 10 people have loved their visit so much, they’ve considered moving to Yorkshire.

Number of people who have considered moving to Yorkshire

1 in 10

With its beautiful countryside, rolling hills, fantastic beaches, you don’t have to go far to get fresh air in Yorkshire. The county’s unique history and culture means that there are lots of great places to visit and there’s always something for everyone.

10 best places in Yorkshire according to the British public

  1. York
  2. Whitby
  3. Leeds
  4. Harrogate
  5. Scarborough
  6. Sheffield
  7. Skipton
  8. Bradford
  9. Hull
  10. Bridlington

If you’re looking for your next staycation destination, York has been voted as the nation’s favourite Yorkshire town.York voted UKs favourite Yorkshire town - Yorkshire day 2019 Yorkshire is also home to a myriad of inventions and exports and when asked to vote on what the single best thing to have originated from the region was, the humble Yorkshire pudding was the nation’s favourite.

10 of the best Yorkshire inventions

1. Yorkshire pudding
2. The ‘cat’s-eye’ reflective road stud
3. The world’s first steam locomotive
4. Yorkshire Tea
5. Marks & Spencer
6. Morrison’s supermarket
7. Terry’s Chocolate Orange
8. Arctic Monkeys
9. Wensleydale cheese
10. The world’s first ever football club – Sheffield FC

One in five agreed that the Sunday roast staple is the single best thing to have originated from the region.Yorkshire pudding voted the best Yorkshire invention- Yorkshire day 2019A further 14% of Brits believed the ‘catseye’ reflective road stud invented by Percy Shaw OBE of Halifax, West Yorkshire, is Yorkshire’s greatest export.

When it comes to famous people from Yorkshire, according to our survey, our favourite celebrities include Monty Python’s Michael Palin, acclaimed actress Dame Judi Dench and Olympian Jess Ennis-Hill.

Top 15 famous people from Yorkshire

  1. Dame Judi Dench
  2. Michael Palin
  3. Jess Ennis-Hill
  4. The Bronte sisters
  5. Diana Rigg
  6. Maureen Lipman
  7. Kimberley Walsh
  8. Jodie Whittaker
  9. Penelope Wilton
  10. Nicola Adams
  11. Mel B
  12. Sean Bean
  13. Sir Patrick Stewart
  14. Ed Sheeran
  15. Jeremy Clarkson

There are many reasons to celebrate Yorkshire, how will you celebrate Yorkshire Day?

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*Calculated by taking the average amount of tea consumed per day by Yorkshire residents (2.6 cups), multiplied by the population of Yorkshire and Humber (5,425,741). Population figure taken from ONS Census data is correct as of 31 July 18.