Last year, we joined forces with Trees for Cities to help them in their mission to make the UK’s parks, streets, housing estates and schools greener, happier and healthier. And, thanks to the thousands of people that switched to our Go Green Tariff, you helped us to do just that.


By switching, you weren’t just committing to powering your homes with sustainable energy. For every gas or electric fuel moved over, we pledged to plant a tree with Trees for Cities on your behalf. Meaning the urban forests of Great Britain are now a whopping 12,024 trees greener. And Trees for Cities are that much closer to reaching their one million trees by 2020 target.


You can find out about all the great work Trees for Cities are doing up and down the country over on their website. Or keep reading to discover just how much a difference your trees are making.


5 ways your trees are already making Britain better

1. Freshening the air

A fully-grown tree can produce as much as 260lbs of oxygen a year. That’s enough to meet the annual oxygen needs of two people. So, by the time your Green Tariff trees reach maturity, they’ll be producing enough oxygen to support 24,048 people across Britain’s cities.

2. Keeping you cool

By absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, urban greenery plays a vital role in combating climate change. Reducing the amount of pollution in the air will help your trees to regulate the temperature of busy cities like Hull, Derby and Wakefield.

3. Enriching habitats

A whole array of birds, insects and little furry creatures will benefit from the food and protection your trees will bring to their bustling urban environment. But it’s not all about animals. Your trees will bring a splash of colour, natural shade and improve your views too.

4. Improving your wellbeing

Did you know that being around trees and green spaces has been proven to significantly improve people’s health and wellbeing? Scientific studies have shown positive impacts on everything from improving illness recovery times and reducing stress to boosting mental health.

5. Bringing communities together

Tending to green spaces is a great way to unite local communities around a common cause. Plus, tree-planting projects and school gardens can help children to learn more about environmental awareness, conservation and sustainability.


“Trees are one of our most vital natural assets, and we are committed to ensuring more communities can enjoy their many benefits. We are proud to work with npower to play a role in creating this new community woodland in Orchard Park, which marks the start of a greener, happier and healthier Hull.
David Elliott, Chief Executive of Trees for Cities