Spring is a season of big changes – bringing plenty of reasons to feel fresh, cheerful and totally re-energised after a long winter.


To help get you in the mood, we’ve compiled a collection of interesting facts, tips and inspiration to get you spring-ready. Check out the full list below.


You’ll benefit from lots more daylight

Switch off those energy-sapping lightbulbs, pull back the curtains and let all that natural spring light flood in. Now that the clocks have officially changed, you can look forward to more than just longer, brighter evenings.


Daylight is also scientifically proven to lower the levels melatonin in your body – a hormone that keeps your body clock on track by making you sleepy when the sun goes down.


But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also benefit from a surge of serotonin, the feel-good hormone sure to put a spring in your step by lowering stress to help you feel calmer and more focussed. Putting you in the perfect frame of mind to tackle that annual spring spruce-up head on.



You’ll spend much less on your laundry

Nothing quite says spring’s here quite like pegging that first, fresh load of laundry up on the washing line. But, when you really dive into the figures, the benefits of switching to a seasonal wind powered laundry routine could be even better than you first thought.


Chances are, your tumble dryer is one of the most expensive electrical items you own when it comes to running costs. Many of the more affordable models can only boast a B or C energy rating. And Which? estimate that the average tumble dryer will set you back around £67 a year to run. A figure that rises to £75 if you’re using a washer/dryer (higher still if you have an older or less efficient model).



You’ll enjoy plenty more outdoor time

On average, in winter we spend less than 60 minutes outside each day. Which means it’ll probably come as no surprise that, during this time, the nation’s electricity demand peaks much higher and for much longer each day. Especially when you factor in increased use of energy-sapping entertainment electronics like TVs, laptops and games consoles.


As the weather improves, you’ll have the perfect excuse to get back out into the great outdoors for some kilowatt-free fun.


If you’re lucky enough to have some outside space, why not check out our energy efficient spring gardening tips? Whether you’ve got a couple of acres or just a few square feet – Chelsea Flower Show winning landscape gardener, John Cunningham, has all the tips you’ll need to get your garden spring-ready.



You’ll get a big boost of natural vitamins and more

All that extra springtime sunshine isn’t just great for recharging your solar garden lights. It’ll help make you a whole lot healthier too.


Spending as little as 30-minutes a day in direct sunlight can actually help you towards your daily dose of vitamin D3 – the vitamin that helps absorb calcium to make bones stronger and healthier. While another recent Edinburgh University study discovered that sunlight also releases nitric oxide into our bloodstreams. This works to lower blood pressure and cut the risks of long-term health problems like heart attacks and strokes.

You’ll officially start to switch-off for summer

Good news. Now that spring is here – the big central heating switch-off is just around the corner. In fact, according to some research we carried out a little while back, us Brits tend to reach for the off-switch around 14th April each year.


But before you do, now is actually a great time to think about giving your boiler some TLC. Many engineers see a surge in boiler servicing appointments when people come to switch their central heating back on in September or October.


So, if you want to get ahead of the crowd and enjoy complete peace of mind all summer long, book your appointment today. Or you could always spread the cost and protect yourself all year round with a boiler cover plan.