Endlessly buffering videos. Webpages timing out. Accidental duplicate purchases.


Patchy WiFi can be a real pain. So we’ve teamed up with BT to bring you seven smart tips to help you boost your WiFi signal. And while you’re at it, why not take a look at our fantastic Broadband and TV package deals, exclusively for our npower customers? Log in here to find out more.


Boost your WiFi with our top tips

Location, location, location


Routers have an optimal range, so depending on the shape of your house you might find some rooms don’t receive much signal. The best place to put your router is at the dead centre of your house. If that’s not possible, try to find a spot where there aren’t too many walls between the router and the target device.


Don’t box in your router


Most routers generate a signal in all directions, so you can’t make the most of it if you put it by a window or surround it with heavy pieces of furniture.

You can improve signal by putting the router fairly high up in the room — anywhere from waist height to up on a tall shelf should do the trick. You could even mount your router on the wall.


Keep it free from interference


Many devices can interfere with WiFi signal — even if they’re not connected to the Internet.

Microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones and even computer wires and halogen lamps can all have a negative impact on your WiFi signal — so keep them away from your router.


Mind your metals


Metallic surfaces reflect WiFi signal, which can cause problems. This also includes mirrors, so try not to place your router too close to one.

Although it might look tidier to keep your router in a cabinet, you’ll get better wireless signal if you keep it out in the open. Don’t forget that you can always use a cable tidy to keep the wires looking neat.


Keep on top of your updates


As with most devices, routers get regular updates and patches. Depending on the age of your device, you may have to download and install these manually, so keep an eye out for free updates.

As well as keeping your router more secure, this may speed up your WiFi overall. Don’t forget to keep your devices updated as well.


Switch your settings


Your router may have a setting that’s designed for multimedia or for gaming, which could improve the speed. Alternatively, try plugging your games console directly into the router with a LAN cable — it should be much faster.

Your router may even let you switch to a channel with less traffic.


Be security savvy

If others are using your WiFi without your permission, it could slow it down. Make sure that you change the default password to something that’s hard for someone else to guess. You can also limit the number of devices that are allowed to use your WiFi. Check your router’s instruction manual to find out how to do this.


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