When you move home, you want everything to run smoothly. A quick, easy way to sort out your energy is to simply take us with you.


You’ll keep the same account and you can normally keep the same tariff – or we’ll help you choose a new one – so you don’t have to worry about closing your account and setting up a new one when you move in.

See how easy it is to do online by watching our video walkthrough below, or head straight here to get started.


A few helpful things to remember:


  • We can start to move your account over up to 28 days before your move date.


  • If your move isn’t in the next 28 days, you can always log in and easily set a reminder to be notified when we can get your move started.


  • In most cases you’ll be able to take your current tariff with you. But we’ll always show you all your tariff options to help you find the right plan for your new home.


  • If you get stuck at any time – feel free to live chat with one of our expert advisors online. They’ll be happy to help.


Move home with us