Having all the right answers is a tricky part of parenthood. Whether you’re feeling flummoxed by a particularly tricky homework sum – or just trying to explain why the sky’s blue for the hundredth time – those little ones expect you to know it all.


Luckily, help is on hand. Thanks to the increasingly affordable array of virtual assistants heading into our homes, it’s now easier than ever to get the answers you need. After all, you only have to ask.


But that got us thinking. Who would win in an everyday battle of wits: dad-of-three Mo or Amazon’s Alexa? Watch what happened next, below.


SPONSORED POST: This collaboration was conceived and paid for in its entirety by npower. Amazon Echo Dot was purchased at full price and gifted to the Fullarton family by npower to enable them to create this video.


Amazon Echo Dot / £49.99


What’s in the box?

  • Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation)
  • Micro-USB power cable
  • Plug
  • Access to a free Alexa app, updates and hundreds of skills


Where can I get it?

Head over to Amazon to pick up your Amazon Echo Dot today.