Statement ceiling or herringbone floor? Colour blocking or neutral tones? Copper or concrete? It can be tricky to stay on top of all those ever-changing home design trends. So we’ve done all the hard work for you.


We’ve scoured the internet to uncover 2018 trends from interior design experts like Houzz, Harper’s Bazaar, Ideal Home, Good Homes Magazine, The Independent and – every designer’s favourite pin board site – Pinterest.


Keep reading to see how you can stay ahead of the curve this year, all in one convenient place, below.


Create an attention-grabbing entrance

Many of the articles we saw suggest painting your front door a bold colour to make a striking statement this year. But why stop there? Adding a splash of colour to your living room door is a great alternative to the traditional feature wall.


Look at the big picture (literally)

This year we’ll say goodbye to ‘gallery walls’ – last year’s big trend of combining lots of smaller complementary framed art pieces to create a collage. Instead we’ll see designers preferring to put a single large print centre stage.


Make a statement with your sofa

The sofa is the heart of the living room. So it’s no surprise to see designers continuing to use them to make a big impact in 2018. Bold colours work well to draw the eye – especially when placed in plenty of white or neutral space.

Start bringing the outside in

All the expert advice we saw suggests 2018 will be big for foliage. From literally bringing Mother Nature indoors with leafy terrariums and potted succulents, to sprinkling floral patterns through soft furnishings, rugs and curtains.


Crack the concrete look

Exposed concrete walls have been a design favourite for a while now. But thanks to a growing array of concrete accessories and accents hitting the market – you don’t have to start chipping away at your plasterboard to bring the industrial look home.


Move on from copper

We’re officially about to reach peak copper. Now that every designer’s favourite metal of 2017 has hit the mainstream, the forward thinking are starting to turn to less conventional gold and brass metallic accents to stay ahead of the crowd.

Bring tranquillity to bedtime

When it comes to designer bedrooms – less is more. Many designers are favouring a casual and uncluttered bedroom setting to facilitate a relaxed atmosphere this year. You can’t go wrong with simple furniture, neutral colours and soft, cosy fabrics.


Go new-neutral with a splash of sage

Like to keep things neutral? Many designers’ go-to colour companion for light, white rooms is a soft and refreshing sage green. It works perfectly used liberally to brighten up a feature wall or more sparingly as an understated accent.


Start at the top and work down

You’ve heard of feature walls, but 2018 could well be the year of the statement ceiling. An often forgotten canvas – by painting your ceiling an eye-grabbing colour or adding a vibrant patterned wallpaper – you can completely change the feel of a room.

Add some serene spa style

Get on board with 2018’s biggest bathroom trend and you won’t have far to go to enjoy the peaceful surrounds of a luxurious spa. White tiles, towels and rattan furniture can combine perfectly to bring a touch of resort living to your en-suite.


Wash your hands of stainless steel

Contemporary farmhouse is still going strong in 2018. So we’ll be seeing even more ceramic and granite sinks playing a key part in bathrooms and kitchens. Pair yours with rustic taps for the full modern-day rural look.


Re-style those tiles

Patterned tiles are set to make a big comeback up and down the land in 2018. This makes it easier to bring the impression of textures like wood, resin and wallpaper into some unconventional places – from kitchen splash-backs to shower surrounds.

Bring back the blocks

Another old favourite set to stay with us in 2018 is: colour blocking. Never heard of it? It’s where you put together two contrasting colours, or colours you wouldn’t normally pair, to intentionally create a visually jarring focal point.


Say hello to herringbone

This year, many designers are heralding the return of herringbone patterned tiles and flooring. With its leading lines and modern aesthetic – herringbone adds a sense of movement and freshness to almost any space.


Don’t be afraid of the dark

One of the biggest changes we’ll see in 2018? A switch away from light colours, accents and woods. Designers won’t be afraid to embrace the dark side – giving rooms a more cosy, closed in feel.


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