According to it takes around an average of around 6 weeks to go from putting your house on the market to accepting an offer.

If you’re looking for a quick sale, we’ve got some tips to help make your home feel as cosy as possible in time for those all-important viewings. Take a look below and don’t forget – if you are moving soon – we’ve made it easier than ever before to take your energy account with you.


1. Make a good first impression

You’ll only get one chance at making a strong first impression. So, when your potential buyers pull up outside your property, it needs to look at its best.

That means no overgrown shrubs strewn across the path or paint flaking off the front door. Plus, if it’s likely to be dark by the time your buyers arrive, make sure you’ve got plenty of lights on to make the house feel as welcoming as possible. But more on that next.




2. Give a warm welcome

Once you’ve cracked the kerb appeal, it’s time to head inside. It might be an area of the home you don’t normally give much thought to – but your hallway is one of the most important areas to get right for a speedy sale.

Think about the kinds of things you like to come home to after a long day – and recreate them. Turn up the heating for a welcoming waft of warm air.

Create a fresh, neutral aroma by whipping up some fresh coffee or home-baked bread in the kitchen. Leave the door ajar to let an inviting glow of soft light leak out from the sitting room.



3. Do sweat the small stuff

You want your buyers to spend their time getting a feel for why the house is right for them. Not fixating on a broken light switch or smudged window.

If you get chance, invite a friend or family member to take a look around as if they were viewing the property. As a fresh pair of eyes – they’re much more likely to notice small imperfections that your potential buyers are going to pick up on than you are.




4. Use light to your advantage

How well you light your house – particularly in winter – can make all the difference. Brighter, whiter lights give an illusion of space. While warmer, more yellow bulbs create a feeling of intimacy.

Our advice? Give plenty of thought to what you, as a buyer, would want most from each room. For example – people are much more likely to want their sitting room to feel cosy and their kitchen to feel light and airy than the other way round.

Take a look at our guide to bright lighting ideas to learn more about using light to your advantage.



5. Go for cosy, not cluttered

One person’s idea of cosy is another’s idea of clutter. Space sells. So it’s always worth having a good clear out to get your house truly viewing-ready. Hide away items that take up valuable space like unnecessary bits of bulky furniture, ornaments and toiletries. In fact, removing bulky items alone has been shown to push up sale prices by as much as 11%.

That goes for built in wardrobes, garages and sheds too. Potential buyers are almost certain to want to check out the storage situation. So make it as easy as possible to envisage where all their belongings could fit in.



6. Create a blank canvas

Potential buyers want to picture living in your house with their family. So the easier you can make that, the better.

Remove paintings, family photos and anything else that might get in the way of buyers imagining putting their own stamp on the place. Consider taking the same approach to any brightly patterned curtains, feature walls or carpets.

It might seem excessive to redecorate just before you’re about to move out, but it’s amazing what a difference a pot of magnolia paint and an afternoon or two of hard graft can do.




On the move? Don’t forget to pack your energy account


If you’re moving, we’ve made it simple to take us with you. Simply head over to the dedicated home move area of our website and we’ll show you how to move your energy account over to the new place in no time. In many cases, you’ll even be able to keep your current tariff.

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