With the whole year ahead of you, January is the perfect time for a fresh look at your finances. And chances are, you could probably pocket hundreds of pounds with just a few simple New Year’s saving resolutions.

So, to help you make the most of the next 12 months, we’ve pulled together some hot tips to help you save big on everything from your energy use to your next online shop.

Keep reading to see how much you could save.


1. Freeze your energy prices until 2019

Fixed rate tariffs like our Go Green Energy Fix are a great way to plan ahead. By fixing your energy prices until December 2019 and paying by direct debit you can get a much better handle on what your monthly outgoings will be.

The best news? If any unpredictable price rises come into play over the period of your fix – you won’t have to pay a penny more for your energy.



2. Cool it with those long showers

On average, UK households use around 360 litres of water every single day. No wonder it accounts for around 15% (£80) of the typical annual gas heating bill.

Fitting a water-efficient showerhead could knock £75 off your annual gas bill and save you as much as £120 on water (based on a family of 4) instantly. Plus, by cutting your daily showering time down by just one minute each day, you can save an extra £7 per person a year in energy alone. Even more if you’re on a water meter.


Read all about how you can cut down on your energy bills and more at the Energy Saving Trust website.



3. Hit the flight booking hotspots

Winter got you dreaming of sunnier climes? A little forward planning can go a long way. For example, a recent study commissioned by thisismoney.co.uk uncovered a few flight booking strategies you’ll certainly want to consider if you want to head abroad this summer.

After delving into online flight booking data, they discovered that you could save up to 1/3 on your air fare just by doing simple things like booking 60 days from the day you want to fly and bucking the weekend trend by flying on a Tuesday.



4. Find a new way to keep your nest egg cosy

Unfortunately with interest rates still incredibly low, getting the best return on your savings isn’t as simple as letting your money sit in cash ISAs, savings accounts and premium bonds year after year.

The best interest rates of 5% and over are reserved almost entirely for current accounts*. And, as many of these accounts cap the amount of money you can earn interest on, you’ll have to spread your savings across multiple accounts to become a truly switched-on saver. But the harder you’re willing to work for your savings, the harder they’ll work for you.

Our advice? As many of these promotional rates carry an expiration date (normally after 12 or 18 months) you might want to pop a reminder in your diary of when you need to look at reinvesting the cash in each account.

*Source: moneysupermarket


5. Don’t be temperamental with the temperature dial

Whenever it gets cold outside, 51% of people in the UK turn their thermostat up – even though every extra degree adds up to a whopping £80 to your annual energy bill.

The Energy Saving Trust recommend that you should keep your thermostat set to between 18 – 21oC depending on how much you feel the cold. So, if you’re in the over 21 camp – now would be a good time to think about how reducing the temperature could help you dramatically increase your 2018 budget.



6. Cash in on the hottest voucher deals

According to Lloyds Bank, using online vouchers to get discounts on everything from clothes and groceries to insurance an holidays is saving savvy online shoppers an average of £444 a year.

So next time you’re at the virtual checkout – don’t forget to have a quick search through the big discount voucher sites in another tab. It’s amazing how 5% here and 10% there can quickly add up to some serious savings.




7. Don’t let your loyalty cards go cold

Research from accountancy firm Deloitte shows that more than 10 million of us have unused loyalty points at our fingertips. But, while we’re all happy to accrue these points, around half of people won’t bother redeeming any rewards whatsoever.

If you’re sitting on a stack of unused loyalty points – let’s make 2018 the year you cash in. Companies offering loyalty schemes actually really want you to spend your points. So keep an eye out for promotional events where your points are worth more to really make the most of them.



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