Here at npower, we know a lot about boilers, which means we’re aware that they’re definitely not the most beautiful item you’ll have in your home. In fact, they’re considered so unsightly, over half of UK house buyers would look to knock up to £5,000 off a purchase price if the boiler was on show. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living for her top tips on covering up an exposed boiler.


You’ve spent months planning the new kitchen or bathroom only to realise that your boiler is spoiling the project. How do you make sure this essential part of your heating system doesn’t wreck your design and ruin your tasteful interior? Well, don’t worry, we’ve come up with three fabulous ways to hide your boiler no matter what its shape and size. And furthermore, we have solutions for all budgets.

Save: For Budgets Up To £100

If you’ve got up to £100 to spend here are some great solutions for concealing a boiler, particularly if you are prepared to get out the tools and give it a go yourself.

Why not build a cupboard around it, matching it to your décor. Be sure to check the regulatory requirements around air flow, but boxing in your boiler with some plywood, and then painting in your favourite colours is the easiest and quickest way to conceal your appliance. You could even use blackboard paint and make it a functional feature.

Don’t forget you’ll need to ensure the pipes are boxed in too, and then decorate them in the same scheme as the rest of the room. And when the boiler needs servicing, remember you’ll need to gain access, possibly at short notice, so make the cupboard user friendly and easy to open.


Splash: For Budgets Up To £300

If your boiler is in another room to the kitchen, for example the bathroom, then you may need to spend a little more money on a project to keep it out of view. Most people prefer sleek and uncluttered bathrooms, so housing your boiler in an airing cupboard, or putting a new bathroom cupboard around it, is a great way to keep the room looking neat and ship-shape.

Keep the space useful and practical by adding shelving and baskets for toiletries and towels. Again, you’ll need to maintain access to the appliance so bear that in mind when designing or purchasing your cabinet.

Splurge: For Budgets Up To £500

If you’re lucky enough to have the space, create a purpose-built area for your boiler and possibly other appliances you’d like to keep hidden too. This might be in a utility room, but if you don’t have one, section off part of a kitchen or hallway and create a false wall and new door. You many need a joiner to do this for you but it’s well worth the investment.

There’s no need to feel despondent about designing a room around your boiler. It doesn’t have to be a problem; a few creative ideas can easily hide it away from view, and give you extra storage and even enhance your designs too. Once you’ve finished you’ll be surprised at how the boiler is so well integrated into the room. You may even forget it’s there altogether.

So now you know how to make sure your boiler looks great on the outside. But what about the inside? With unpredictable weather sweeping the UK throughout the winter months, you really should ensure your boiler is covered, in more ways than one. npower has teamed up with Allianz Global Assistance to offer boiler breakdown cover for as little as £10.92 per month, so you can quickly fix any issues. Boiler Cover Plus even includes annual services to keep your boiler in tip top condition.

Care must be taken before enclosing your boiler


  • Before enclosing your boiler, we recommend you check the requirements as set out within the manufacturer’s instructions in regard to flueing and ventilation
  • Always check that there is sufficient ventilation for both combustion and cooling air – you can find more information within the manufacturer’s guide
  • Ensure there is sufficient room for the servicing and maintenance of the appliance which may involve access to both sides, top and bottom of the appliance
  • The cupboard or enclosure material must meet the necessary fire standards
  • Never store combustible or corrosive substances that may be a fire hazard within the same cupboard as your boiler
  • Do not hang wet laundry within the cupboard that holds your boiler
  • The cupboard or enclosure should also be correctly labelled with the appropriate notices regarding ventilation and storage of damaging substances