For many people, lighting up the Christmas tree for the first time is a super exciting moment. After all, it officially marks the start of the celebrations.

But, with the Energy Saving Trust estimating that the average UK household spends anywhere between £6 and £180 a year powering their Christmas decorations, it can be tempting to become a bit of a scrooge about it all.

The good news? Our tree of super low-power decorating tips has the answers. Explore the tips below to discover how you can make your tree look great without blowing your festive energy budget.

1. Lead the way with LEDs

LED Christmas lights cost a little more up front. But, by using nearly 90% less energy than traditional incandescent lights, they can help you cut down on your Christmas energy costs year, after year, after year.

In fact, if every household in the UK swapped one string of incandescent lights for LEDs, we’d collectively save more than £13million and 45,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the 12 days of Christmas alone*.

*Statistics provided by The Energy Saving Trust

2. Use the power of reflection

There’s a reason why so many Christmas decorations are shiny. Tinsel was first used on Christmas trees to catch and enhance the light emitted from the handful of candles that would sit amongst the branches.

Today, you can find all sorts of reflective baubles, bells and decorations to make your lighting set up go further.

3. Think ahead with a timer

Leaving your lights on overnight or when you’re out of the house isn’t just a costly way to waste energy – you’re also running the risk of causing them to over-heat.

Using a timer is a great way to make sure you don’t forget to switch your lights off. Many LED Christmas light sets come with a timer (another good reason to switch) or you could always pick up a 24hr plug-in timer for around £5 from your local DIY store.

4. Have a traditional transformation

You don’t have to use electric fairy lights to create a nice festive Christmassy atmosphere.

Lighting a few candles around the room will bathe your tree in a warm, glowing light that won’t add to your Christmas energy costs. Plus, there are plenty of inviting festive scents for you to choose from. Just remember to never leave them unattended or too close to your other decorations.

5. Position like a pro

Want to really make the most of every bulb? Try positioning your tree in the corner of the room.

That way, rather than wrapping your lights all the way around the tree, you can simply drape them across the half that’s on show. It’s a clever way to effectively double the length of your fairy lights.

6. Harness the natural light

Putting your tree by the window to show off your decorating skills to the whole street might seem like a good idea. But it could end up adding to your festive energy bill by blocking out natural light during those precious few winter daylight hours.

By decorating your window with less obstructive decorations you can still get that inviting festive look – without having to reach for the light switch earlier than usual.