As part of a nationwide energy meter upgrade programme each and every home in the UK is to be fitted with a Smart meter at no extra cost in the coming years. This will give your family better clarity, control and convenience when it comes to managing your energy more efficiently.

Thanks to this government-led initiative, we’ve already started to roll out Smart meters to our customers up and down the country. So we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of why the big Smart meter switch is great news for you and your family. Check out why, below.

1. Getting started is super simple

If you haven’t already – it couldn’t be easier to find out if you’re eligible for a Smart meter upgrade and register your interest in having one installed. Simply head over to our dedicated Smart webpage to find out more and fill in your details to get your Smart meter switch started.

Register your interest

2. Our engineers will set you up

From start to finish, it should take around 2 hours for one of our engineers to get your Smart meter installed and all set up. If you’re on a dual fuel tariff (gas and electric) we’ll aim to fit both your meters at the same time.

Our engineers will leave enough time to give you a full run-through of how your Smart Energy Display works and answer any questions you might have too.


3. No more reading the meter

Once your Smart meter is installed, it will start automatically sending us regular digital updates on your energy usage. So that means no more missed meter reading dates or trying to jot down your latest usage by torchlight.


4. Accurate bills every single time

The best news? Because we’ll be kept completely up-to-date on your energy usage, you can say goodbye to estimated bills. You’ll only ever pay for the energy you use – giving you the peace of mind of knowing you won’t be surprised by unexpected charges when your bill comes through.


5. Your smart energy display will keep you on track

The handy digital Smart Energy Display that’s paired with your meter makes it easy to stay on top of exactly how much energy you’re using. With a couple of taps you can review your usage, spot any trends and – most importantly – see how much you’re spending.


In fact, a recent Smart Energy GB survey shows that people with a Smart meter have a better understanding of what they need to do to save energy around the home – with some claiming they’ve seen savings on their bills already*.


Not upgraded your meter yet? Register your interest today

It’s quick and easy to register your interest so that we can get back to you to arrange an appointment when we roll out Smart meters in your area. You’ll need your account number or online account log in details.


See if you can go smart


*SEGB Smart meters and energy usage: a survey of energy behaviour before and after upgrading to a smart meter report, October 2017