Are you currently listed as an eligible supplier on the Ofgem website?

Please enter the registered name of the supplier becoming the GTMA contracting entity:

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Upon receipt of the above web form, an application form requesting the following information will then be sent to you by email for completion and return:

  • General counterparty information (full legal entity name, registered address, trading address if different, website)
  • Company information (commercial register number, VAT number, description of nature of business, list of board directors, ultimate beneficial ownership structure, stock exchange upon which company or shareholder entities are listed if relevant)
  • Bank details for trading agreement
  • EMIR and REMIT reporting information (EMIR status, LEI code, ACER code)
  • Approach to generating unique transaction identifier (UTI)
  • UK power scheduling information under BSCP71/01
  • Contact information (trading agreement, confirmations, invoicing, finance, compliance, EMIR and REMIT reporting)
  • Supporting documents: (i) commercial register excerpt or other equivalent document (ii) last two audited financial statements (if available given date of establishment of company) (iii) documents identifying ultimate beneficial ownership

Please note that any missing information will delay the preparation of the trading agreement.

If you would prefer to speak to the team in person at any time, then please call +44(0)1793 877777.