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You're on the way to finding out how to save money on the energy you use. We're here to help and so if you need any advice completing the questions just call us on 0800 02 22 20 (free from most landlines) or 0330 100 8620 (included in any 'inclusive minutes' from mobiles).


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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

npower is collecting your data for the purpose of providing you with energy efficiency advice, in the form of a personalised report which will suggest measures that could be taken by you to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Where appropriate, for example, where the information that you have provided indicates you may be eligible for some form of grant funding or where you may be eligible to be put on the Priority Services Register or where there may be measures that are suitable for your home we may contact you to offer further follow-up consultations and/or advice that may help you reduce your energy use.

We will retain your data and we will disclose it to our agents (National Energy Services Ltd (NES) and Fulgent Technologies Limited) who, acting on our behalf, will validate the data that you have provided and will perform statistical analysis on it to calculate and produce the results of your survey. We may also use your data for the purposes of research and training and for reporting to Ofgem (or other relevant industry bodies) to ensure compliance of our licence obligations as well as for monitoring and/or evaluation of energy efficiency programmes. Your details will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our privacy policy.

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