Wholesale power market liquidity

Ofgem has introduced new rules to increase liquidity in the wholesale markets and improve access to forward markets for small suppliers.

The "Liquidity in the Wholesale Electricity Market" special licence condition applies to RWE npower as well as the five other largest energy suppliers and the two largest independent generators in the UK. It came into force on 31 March 2014.

Part of this new special licence condition is the "Request for Trading Agreement", which sets out the process for the negotiation of trading agreements with eligible suppliers (known as a Grid Trade Master Agreement, or GTMA). More information, including a list of eligible suppliers, is available on the Ofgem website:

Liquidity in the Wholesale Electricity Market

Should you be an eligible supplier and wish to apply for a GTMA with the RWE Group, please contact Olivia Hartridge, James Averies, Stuart Bird and Viv Van Duijneveld by submitting the web form here.