Tax Report

We are open and transparent about how much tax we pay, and we’re committed to paying the right amount of tax in the UK, at the right time.

Our 2012 tax report provided a full explanation of how we conduct our tax affairs, our strategy and governance process, and exactly how much tax we pay.

We’re a Low Risk business

All of npower’s business is taxable in the UK and HMRC classes us as a ‘Low Risk’ group, thanks to the way we operate our tax affairs.

Over recent years, RWE’s investment in the UK has been greater than the amount of profit we’ve made. We’ve invested over £6 billion into new, cleaner and more efficient power generation to create jobs and help keep the lights on, including over £200m on retail systems to improve customer service and experience on a sustainable basis.

You can read our latest tax report update here (PDF, 114KB).