2012 Consolidated Segmental Statement

In 2012, the earnings before interest and tax (‘EBIT’) of RWE npower was £326m. This is the combined figure of our generation and retail businesses in the UK.

Our generation business recorded an EBIT of £126m. Our supply of gas and electricity to domestic customers recorded an operating result of £131m, and the result of our non-domestic gas and electricity supply was £69m.

The increase in profit in 2012 compared to 2011 was mostly due to a substantial increase in electricity generation – 49% more than we generated the previous year. This was partly due to the fact our new £1 billion Pembroke Power Station became operational, and our Tilbury Power Station was converted from coal to run on 100% sustainable biomass.

We also recorded increased sales of gas, mostly due to the colder weather in 2012 than 2011. In total, npower supplied almost 50 billion KWh of electricity in 2012, and over 46 billion KWh of gas.

Download the 2012 Consolidated Segmental Statement. (PDF, 118KB)