Things we care about

Our aim is to make sure our customers get the energy they need, whilst doing our bit for the community and the environment too.

Ethical matters and our impact on society are key factors in our business decision making, and we strive to take on board stakeholders’ needs and concerns, and consult with them over difficult decisions.

We want to ensure that our employees understand and are engaged with social and environmental issues too.

Community and charity

We’ve been supporting vulnerable households for over 15 years.

Fuel Bank

Since its launch in 2015, the npower Fuel Bank has helped over 100,000 people in fuel crisis with emergency fuel top ups. In partnership with food bank charity, the Trussell Trust , the scheme supports people living in poverty by providing them with gas and electricity top-up vouchers.

npower’s Fuel Management programme

Individuals who are identified as being in crisis by care professionals, such as Citizens Advice advisers, GPs, social workers or police, are issued with a food bank voucher to redeem at their local food bank. When the individual goes to the food bank with their voucher, if their household is supplied by npower on a prepayment meter (PPM) for electricity and/or gas, they will receive a fuel top up voucher.

If you need extra help, find out about the extra support that's available.



Carbon Trust Standard Logo

Carbon Trust Standard

We are proud to remain the only energy company to have received triple certification to the Carbon Trust Standard. This international environmental award recognises the achievements we’ve made in reducing carbon emissions, water use and improving waste management across all our UK offices. We are now sharing our expertise with the UK’s largest energy users.

We understand our impact on the environment and continually strive to reduce it – we are aiming to reduce the carbon emissions associated with our office estate by 25% by 2020 compared to 2015. We’re committed to making our business more energy efficient– and we’re always seeking new ways to reduce the environmental impact of ourselves and our customers.

Our environmental programmes have won a number of awards.

Sustainably sourced paper

Sunlight shining through trees

All of the paper we use when we send bills and other communications comes from 100% sustainable sources. This means we can trace the source of the paper from the printer to the exact forest, to ensure that only sustainable forests are used. Well-managed planted forests reduce the pressure on natural forests and can provide many other environmental benefits.

These trees are planted for the purpose of paper manufacturing and new trees are planted to replace them - they benefit the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

As trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), they act as carbon sinks, so wood and paper represents a renewable alternative to many non-renewable materials. If forests and plantations are managed sustainably, new generations of trees replace those that are logged, removing more CO2 from the atmosphere, because young trees do this more efficiently than old trees.

Trees for Cities

Through our partnership withTrees for Cities we’ve planted over 180,000 trees in the UK so far. Trees for Cities is an independent charity (1032154) set up in 1993, to plant trees in deprived urban communities. The aim is to grow stronger neighbourhoods, enhance urban landscapes and improve people’s health and happiness.

Read the npower and Trees for Cities impact summary report 2019/20. (PDF, 1343KB)