Helping you to stay warm

If you or a loved one have been affected by cancer, we understand that it can be a really tough time.

Nearly one in three people diagnosed with cancer say they feel the cold more [1]. The side effects of cancer treatment, like weight or hair loss, can make it harder to keep warm, meaning patients often need to turn the heat up. This can have an impact on energy bills, at a time when it may be impossible to work.

In these difficult times we want to support you and help you keep warm without the worry. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to offer npower’s Macmillan Fund.

A growing partnership

Our partnership with Macmillan began in 2004 when our employees voted to make Macmillan our company charity, and we’ve been busy supporting them ever since.

View our partnership timeline here.

As our fundraising totals grew, we decided we could do even more to lend a hand. Through npower's Macmillan Fund we help customers affected by cancer with their energy bills. We also help fund the Energy Advice Team, which is part of the Macmillan Support Line, and together with our employees we raise money to fund energy grants for people when there’s no other help available.

We’ve committed a further £1m in 2018 to support our customers who are living with cancer through npower’s Macmillan Fund, so they can concentrate on what’s important – getting better.

Find out more about how our staff are helping Macmillan

Katie, 47 from Birmingham was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015. She explains how her cancer treatment made her feel cold and how this lead to problems managing her fuel bills.

“When I was going through treatment for breast cancer, I felt freezing all of the time and just couldn’t warm up no matter what I did. I wanted to have the heating on all of the time but was struggling to cope financially. I’m a single mum of two and ended up just putting the heating on when the kids were getting ready for school in the morning. I’d then spend the day alone in a cold house and used to go to bed wearing a dressing gown and a woolly hat and still not feel warm. Eventually I called the Macmillan Support Line and because I was an npower customer, I was put on npower’s Macmillan Fund. The advisor actually told me to go and put the heating on straight away! It was such a relief. They wrote off an outstanding payment and capped my bills to a manageable amount. I just thought it was too good to be true and really felt like I had won the lottery. Macmillan and npower lifted one of my worries and helped me to focus on getting better.”

[1] Macmillan/YouGov online survey of 2,014 adults aged 18 and over in the UK with a previous cancer diagnosis. Fieldwork conducted between 26th April and 3rd May 2017. The figures have been weighted and are representative of the living with cancer population.

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