Anyone can donate

You don’t have to be an npower customer to donate. 100% of your donation will go towards helping people as we already support all of the Foundation’s administration costs.

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Hungry to help

It’s pitch dark, it’s bitterly cold. You’re hungry but you can’t even make a cup of tea, let alone feed the kids or the dog. You haven’t got enough credit on the meter for a quick shower, let alone put your heating on.

What would you do?

These types of dilemmas are faced by 1.6 million people in the UK every day. These people are the ones that the npower foundation charity was set up to help. It offers fuel crisis support to make sure they have access to energy for the basics.

A fuel voucher worth £30

The npower Foundation vision

A UK where everyone has access to energy for heating and eating

We’ve made a great start with npower Fuel Banks helping 35,000 each year but it’s only a fraction of the families who need our help.

The foundation was set up to develop sustainable solutions to support homes in fuel crisis, unable to top up their prepayment meters. With innovative investments, partnerships and research, we want to widen availability for Fuel Bank support.

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Mother laughing with daughter

Our key aims are:

  • To improve mental and physical health by preventing self-disconnecting their energy
  • To give people in crisis the breathing space to get back on their feet
  • To enable more people to access longer term support
  • To raise awareness for the heat or eat dilemma and bring about energy system change

We want to spread the word and get other energy companies to join us so that we can tackle these issues together and campaign for change.

Help us to help them

Support us by making a donation now

  • £10 will cover fuel costs in an average home for around 3 days.
  • £30 provides enough fuel for an average family to light their homes, cook nourishing meals and stay clean in summer.
  • £49 is how much an average family will need to light their homes, cook hot meals and have hot baths for 2 weeks in winter.
A woman holding a fuel voucher worth £49

Anyone can donate

You don’t have to be an npower customer to donate. 100% of your donation will go towards helping people as we already support all of the Foundation’s administration costs.

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How we’ve helped

“I’m in college at the moment studying media, so when the money runs low between benefit instalments, I face the choice of putting a fiver on food or on the electric. I eat a lot of sandwiches because they don’t need heating and I freeze and can’t concentrate.”

A woman sitting on a sofa holding a bag
“I’ve always worked, I’m a care worker and used to looking after other people. I’ve got problems with my health at the moment and I’ve had to stop working to sign up for benefits. A couple of months ago the payments were delayed and I ran out of money. I’d already borrowed from my family so I couldn’t ask them again. I was panicking. The house uses electricity for everything and I had about 3 days left with half of the winter to go. My daughter and I cut down on food choosing to eat simply rather than not at all but it was awful.
A woman embracing a girl

Another fuel bank user, Sai, applied for universal credit while he was seeking work. At the point of applying, Sai only had £30 left from his more recent pay check. Processing his application took 7 weeks, during which time he had no income. When he had to consider how to spend his last £10 he bought a large bag of biscuits for his dog. He found the £39 voucher from Fuel Bank was a lifesaver; it meant he could put food back in his cupboard and turn the lights back on.

A man feeding a dog

Our team of trustees

Simon Stacey
Managing Director of Home and Business, npower

Simon has overall responsibility for npower’s residential and small business customers across the UK and has been in post since June 2015. Previously Simon was Director of Energy Services at npower from 2010 – 2015 and has worked in a range of roles including Retail Finance Director July 2008-April 2010 and Group Financial Controller. Simon qualified as a chartered accountant with PWC.

Matthew Cole
Head of Domestic Policy and Social Energy, npower

Matthew is responsible for both the corporate response to evolving public policy plus defining and commissioning services to support npower customers most in need.

Over the last 2 years, Matthew has redefined npower’s charitable projects and partnerships, generating greater business buy-in and advocacy by aligning them alongside npower’s main business activities. Recently two of Matthew’s key initiatives the npower Fuel Bank (project with the Trussell Trust) and npower’s Macmillan Fund have won prestigious awards recognising both their innovative nature and the positive outcomes for clients.

Audrey Gallacher
Director of Retail Energy Supply, Energy UK

Audrey is responsible for the teams working on energy retail policy, operations and the Smart meter programme. Her responsibility is helping to ensure consumers remain central in the development and delivery of EUK members’ policies and processes. She is committed to representing an energy supply sector that delivers great service and value and most importantly, treats its customers fairly.

Audrey has an extensive background in the energy sector, initially with the regulator Ofgem as Head of Consumer Affairs in Scotland. She moved into energy consumer advocacy in 200 when she became National Director in Scotland for energywatch, before moving to lead its GB work on company performance, research and advice. More recently, she has held Director of Energy positions with the statutory watchdog, Consumer Futures and at the charity Citizen’s Advice.

Helen Tipton
Head of Retail Compliance, npower

Helen is responsible for the assurance of compliance with npower's obligations and licence conditions and has been in post since March 2013.

This responsibility includes supporting npower in its conduct towards customers in vulnerable situations - whether that is ensuring that standards are maintained when complying with obligations that support customers in payment difficulties or more generally supporting good outcomes for customers.

Previous to her current role, Helen worked in a variety of roles within the energy sector including change management and product development roles.

Laura Dosanjh
Senior Advisor, Charities Aid Foundation

Laura works with clients to help them develop and deliver their corporate responsibility strategy, with a particular focus on social impact. She has advised clients in financial services, insurance, energy, defence and retailing on their corporate responsibility, community investment, foundation, employee engagement and charity partnerships strategies.

She brings over 20 years’ experience as a strategy consultant and advisor, solving problems for clients with a focus on social and business impact and innovation. Prior to joining CAF she was Director of Applied Innovation at the Young Foundation, a strategy advisor at the Audit Commission and a management consultant with McKinsey.


The npower Foundation is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation in England & Wales under the Charity Number 1175049.