E.ON changes to our privacy notice

Please take the time to read through the table below. We know it may not be exciting but it's important to understand the changes we've made. These were to make it clear that npower are now part of the E.ON group and to let you know data may be shared with E.ON group companies and their service agents as part of the transfer of customers over to their supply. You can find out more about how E.ON process personal data by going to eonenergy.com/privacy.

If you'd like a full copy of the new privacy notice, please go to our terms and conditions.

Heading What’s changed

Who is npower and how can you contact us

(Section 2 in the section headed ‘npower group company)

Now we are part of E.ON, we have added the relevant E.ON company details.

You can find out more about E.ON at eonenergy.com/about-us.

How we use your personal information – the legal basis and the purposes

(At the start of Section 4)

We have clarified that where we process special category data (health information) we may rely on the legal bases of consent or vital interests or public task as appropriate to the purposes we are processing that data for.

How we use your personal
information – the legal basis and the purposes

(Section 4 – new section headed ‘Special Category Data and Public Task’)

We have clarified the circumstances where we may rely on it being in our legitimate interests to process your special category (health) information where we satisfy the condition that it is in the substantial public interest to do so.

We will do this to ensure that we and other suppliers and industry organisations are able to offer or continue to offer you appropriate assistance. If we do this we will act in a way that is proportionate.

Section 5 - Who we share your information with

(Paragraph: f)

We’ve added a new paragraph to make it absolutely clear that we may share information with E.ON who may also share it with their agents and service providers (who support their business activities) to enable them to supply you with energy and service your account in the future.

If you want to find out how E.ON process personal data you can view their privacy policy at eonenergy.com/privacy.