The changes we've made

Please take the time to read through the table below. We know it may not be exciting but it is important to understand the changes we’ve made.

If you’d like a full copy of the new terms, please visit our terms and conditions.

These changes have been made to ensure we’re compliant with the General Data Protection Legislation which came into force on 25 May 2018:

What's changed Description

Definition of TRAS

The use of Smart energy data (Clause 20, paragraphs (g) to (t))

Processing of personal data (Clauses 37 to 41)

The TRAS definition and clauses listed have been removed and now form the basis of a new document called “Using your personal information – our fair processing (privacy) notice”. The document sets out the information we collect, how we use it and who we share it with – as well as telling you your rights
Smart consent level (Clause 1(b)) Reference to a clause in the Ts&Cs removed and replaced by a reference to the new “Using your personal information – our fair processing (privacy) notice” inserted instead.
Using personal information (Clause 36) This is one of the original “Using your information” clauses which has been deleted and replaced by a reference to the “Using your personal information – our fair processing (privacy) notice”.

Below are changes we’ve made that aren’t related to Data Protection law changes.

What's changed Description
Definition of npower group company
We’ve updated our company details by changing the reference to RWE AG to Innogy SE to reflect the changes caused by a company reorganisation and by adding a new company (PS Energy UK Limited).
Definition of Smart meter
A small change has been made to reflect the fact that some types of Smart meters (for example AMR and advanced domestic meters) may not come with a Smart Energy Display.
Our charges (Clause 5)
We’ve deleted the reference to the tariff comparison rate as we no longer need to provide it.
Costs to do with your meter (Clause 11 (a) and (b))

Position of your meter (Clause 18)
The wording describing if someone is of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick has been expanded to reflect the changes made by Ofgem to their definition of a vulnerable customer.
Costs to do with your meter (Clause 11 (c))
The references to complex metering have been changed to refer to restricted metering and have been clarified so that anyone with those types of meter don’t need to change to get access to a single rate tariff.
Payment – Backbilling (Clause 13 (d))
A new clause has been added to set out the new licence conditions on backbilling (essentially so we can only recover charges for the energy consumed in the previous 12 months unless various exceptions apply – e.g. if we’ve previously issued a compliant bill and are seeking payment of those previously billed charges or you’ve somehow prevented us from being able to correctly bill you).
Prepayment meters (Clause 20 (b))
We’ve clarified that you don’t actually fail a credit check, but the results of a credit check may indicate the most appropriate payment method for you.
How to make a complaint (Clause 37)
We’ve updated our complaints process, the terminology we use at each stage and the contact details you need to get in touch with us.