Find out your
npower SleepSaving

The cost of sleeping appliances can give you sleepless nights. Select which appliances you leave on standby overnight to see how much your annual SleepSaving could be. Then make overnight savings by switching them off at the plug.

Which items do you leave on standby overnight?

 Set Top Box £5.12
 Sky Box £4.15
 PS4 £3.60
 Desktop PC £2.41
 Monitor £1.52
 DVD Player £1.44
 Hifi £1.35
 Radio £1.31
 Coffee Machine £1.23
 Speakers £1.10
 Printer / Scanner £0.89
 Cordless Phone £0.85
 Laptop £0.68
 Clock Radio £0.64
 Television £0.55
 2nd Television £0.55
 3rd Television £0.55
 Blu-ray Player £0.34

Your potential annual SleepSaving is:

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Standby costs are based on devices being left on standby 8 hours per night for a year, using an average standard electricity price of 14.5p/kWh. Actual savings will vary depending on the make and model of the device in use. Figures are correct as of December 2015. Please check manufacturer or supplier recommendations before turning equipment off at the mains

Data Sources: Household Electricity Study - EV0702- Defra. Energy Price: Energy Saving Trust 2015