Welcome to npower Spreading Warmth

What is npower Spreading Warmth?

As a leading energy company, we recognise the effect things like rising prices have on vulnerable customers. So that’s why our Spreading Warmth Programme offers help to those most in need, from the elderly to low income families, disabled and chronically sick. Through debt relief, energy efficiency advice and benefit entitlement checks, we can help keep you warm and reduce your costs.

In fact between 2011 and 2016, we committed to providing £1.455b to help fuel poor customers.

Find out more about how we’re Spreading Warmth below.

The Warm Home Discount offers eligible npower customers an annual benefit of £140 (Inclusive of VAT) on their electricity bill. This discount is now being offered to customers instead of the Spreading Warmth Tariff which has now been closed.

The npower Energy Fund has been set up to help npower customers who are struggling to pay for energy debt.

The Warm Response Service is available if you suffer from poor health, you're elderly, or you have a disability. It provides extra services such as large print, Braille or audio bills, a password scheme and quarterly meter reading.

Free Gas Safety Checks – If you own your own home we may be able to offer you a free gas safety check.

Contact us to make it easy for you to talk to us about the services we offer and ask for advice on how to stay warm at home. Call us free on 0808 172 6999 (view call charge information).

Need help with other utilities?

If you need help from your gas and electricity supplier, you may also want help with other utilities.

Water companies offer extra support in a similar way to gas and electricity companies. You can find out more at either www.ofwat.gov.uk/households/extra-care-services or by contacting your Water Company.