We recognise that in the current economic climate, some of our customers are struggling to pay their bills. We are committed to helping those struggling by offering debt management advice and repayment plans.

We encourage any customer who feels they are struggling to meet their payments to contact us as soon as possible so that we can offer as much support as possible.
Cutting off a customer’s energy supply is always the absolute last resort for us and we will always follow an extensive process to resolve the issue directly with the customer.

We have signed up to the ERA Safety Net Pledge to never knowingly disconnect a vulnerable customer. As part of our policy, we make every effort to identify vulnerable customers, all of our metering agents are trained to recognise signs of vulnerability. In 2011, 31 customers were disconnected and subsequently identified as vulnerable. For all of these customers, we reconnected their supply as a priority, and all within 24-hours.

In 2011, we continued to run the npower Energy Fund, which provides help to npower customers who are struggling to pay for energy debt. The fund is administered on our behalf by Charis Grants.