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Spread the warmth with our npower Fuel BankTM

No one should have to choose between heating and eating

We believe no family should have to choose between heating their home and eating well. But that's the stark reality of life below the breadline for so many people up and down the country. Through our partnership with charities The Trussell Trust and Durham Christian Partnership, we’ve seen how far-reaching the effects of poverty can be first-hand. And we wanted to do something about it.

The amazing power of Fuel BankTM

Following a successful trial in 2015, we pledged £2.25 million towards helping vulnerable families get back on their feet – with 14 Fuel Banks launching across the UK in 2016. This means anyone with a pre-payment meter who gets referred to a participating foodbank could qualify for a voucher to provide enough credit for around 2 weeks of energy.

The scheme is already making a huge difference. Each week Fuel BankTM helps around 800 people to keep their homes warm and eat well, including more than 300 children.

We’re just getting started

Our work isn’t done yet. There are still people in crisis all over the UK. That’s why we’ve committed to support this great cause all the way up to at least 2018. It’s also why Fuel BankTM support is available to everyone that needs it – regardless of whether we supply their energy or not. In fact, of the vouchers we’ve issued to date, 85%* have already gone to people with different energy providers.

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*These figures are taken from npower Fuel Bank™ data across 14 locations between 1st April 2015 and 10th February 2017. People helped is a measure of people helped by the fuel bank between those dates but it is not a measure of unique individuals. Some people were helped more than once.

**All figures correct as of 10th February 2017