The npower Climate Cops Green Fingers lesson activities will help your class learn about how the earth’s natural energy can be harnessed to help things grow.  The resource takes pupils on an energy journey covering the natural life cycle of plants from seeds to their fully grown glory. 

The journey covers key areas such as germination, seed dispersal, what plants need to grow and the importance of the sun as a renewable energy source.  However, you do not need to start from part one of the journey and end at part three. 

The activities have been designed to be flexible and can be mixed and matched to suit the amount of teaching time available and the level of pupil ability.  They also incorporate a wide range of delivery techniques with opportunities for individual, paired and group work.

Our resource includes comprehensive teacher notes, pupil activity sheets, PowerPoint presentations and video guides.

To extend your classroom to the outdoors and to get pupils learning using the natural world around them as inspiration, simply click on one of the links below to join our journey.