We're cutting our gas prices

Good news for npower gas customers. We’re lowering the price of our Standard gas tariff by 5.1% on average.

If you get your gas from us on this tariff you could save an average of £35 a year from 16 February 2015. View additional information

  • Average saving of £35 a year from 16 February 2015 View additional information
  • Average of 5.1% off our Standard gas tariff
  • 1.3 million customers will benefit

We’re really pleased that we’re able to pass on the benefits of lower wholesale costs to our customers. We’ve balanced this against higher transportation and distribution costs, and also the cost of delivering government obligations.

If you’re already on our Standard gas tariff you don’t need to do anything. If you’re thinking of joining us or switching tariffs, getting a quote is quick and simple.

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What does our price change mean to you?

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Gas Standard Variable tariff

  Before 16 February 2015 From 16 February 2015
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All charges include VAT

Frequently asked questions

Am I affected, and do I need to do anything? open/close

The price cut affects all of our customers who get their gas from us on our Standard tariff. If this is you then we’ll be in touch over the coming weeks to let you know more.

You don’t need to do anything.

How much will I save? open/close

If you’re on our Standard gas tariff you could save an average of £35 a year* from 16 February 2015. Your standing charge will stay the same.

It means the annual standard npower domestic gas tariff is now down from £702 to £667 a year on average*.

*Based on Ofgem standard annual consumption of 13,500kWh gas and averaged across Britain inc VAT and the annual value of Direct Debit discount. Actual annual saving to our current Standard charges will vary according to the applicability of discounts and by region, consumption and meter type. Correct as at 23/01/2015.

Why aren’t gas prices coming down in line with wholesale costs over the last year? open/close

We buy our energy well in advance – months, even years ahead. So like other suppliers we’re playing catch-up with falls in the wholesale market, and can now pass on these savings to you.

We’ll keep reviewing wholesale costs to see if we can lower our prices any more.

Will my Direct Debit payments come down when your prices come down? open/close

Your Direct Debit payments are unlikely to change straightaway, as they’re not just worked out on price, but also how much energy you use over a year.

We’ll review your payments about once every 6 months to make sure they’re at the right level for the amount of energy you use. Your reduced prices will be reflected in your overall payments from 16 February 2015.

How will Prepayment customers get the lower prices? open/close

Your unit rates will fall the first time you top up your card or key after 16 February 2015.

Why aren’t you cutting electricity prices as well? open/close

It’s the wholesale costs for gas that have come down enough that we’re able to lower our prices for our customers. There hasn’t been so much movement in the electricity market.

Why is the price cut only on your Standard tariff? open/close

Our other tariffs let you fix prices up front so you know what to expect over a fixed period, so they aren’t affected by price changes. If you want to switch tariffs we don’t charge exit fees, unless you’re on our In Control March 2017 tariff, which may include a fee of £50 per fuel.

Does the price cut apply to both new and existing customers? open/close

Yes, you’ll benefit from the lower prices whether you’re an existing customer or you join us as a new customer.

Just to let you know, you won’t see the reduced prices in your quote – you’ll see the benefit when they become effective on 16 February 2015.