Auto-Away icon


It won't heat an empty home

The Nest Thermostat notices when you’re away and automatically turns itself down so you don’t waste any energy heating an empty home.

Remote control icon

Remote control

Control your Thermostat from anywhere

You can stay in control and change the temperature from your smartphone, tablet or laptop—anywhere, anytime.

Auto-Schedule icon


It learns your schedule and programs itself

The Nest Thermostat programs itself to create a personalised schedule based on the temperature changes you’ve made and continually adjusts to your changing life.

Nest Leaf icon

The Nest Leaf

The Nest leaf means you’re saving energy

The Nest leaf icon appears when you turn the Nest Thermostat to a temperature that’s energy efficient—it guides you to save more energy.

True Radiant icon

True Radiant

Learns how long your home takes to warm up

No more guessing when to turn on the heat. Nest learns when to turn things on so it’s just how you like it, when you like it.

Seasonal Savings icon

Seasonal Savings

Seasonal savings can help you save

Exclusive for npower Nest Thermostat customers. As the weather changes, the Nest Thermostat can help you save by making small adjustments to the temperatures in your schedule.

Energy History icon

Energy History

Get detailed info about your energy usage

The more you know, the more you can save. The Nest app shows you how much energy you used and why.

Installation options

We’ll find the best spot for your Nest Thermostat. If we can, we’ll keep it where your old thermostat was. Or we’ll find a brand new place. Don’t want it on the wall? Then put it on a shelf, table or side with the Stand for Nest Learning Thermostat (sold separately).

If it works there, put your Nest Learning Thermostat where your old one was.

Need a new spot? You can power Nest from a wall socket.

Or keep it on a surface with the stylish Nest Stand. Stand sold separately.

How much does it cost?

The Nest Thermostat with standard installation costs £249 (inclusive of VAT). This payment will be taken over the telephone and will be separate to any energy account.

If the installer determines a standard installation is not possible because your heating system is not compatible, you may incur additional charges should you decide to proceed with the installation. The installer will advise you of any additional charges and require your authorisation before proceeding.

Your thermostat will be installed on the wall or elsewhere on a Nest Stand if required (the Nest Stand is an additional £29 inclusive of VAT).

Larger properties with two room thermostats (i.e. two time and temperature controlled heating zones) require two Nest Thermostats – you could purchase additional Nest Thermostat(s) for £235 (including the thermostat, standard installation and VAT).

The Nest Thermostat...

  1. Comes with a two-year product warranty from Nest
  2. Only controls heat, not hot water
  3. Is compatible with most central heating systems
  4. Is not suitable for electric storage heating, electric under-floor heating or biomass boilers

To get the most out of your Nest Thermostat you need a computer, tablet or Apple / Android smartphone with internet access and an up-to-date web browser, a live broadband connection and a router with a power supply to the router. For full details on Nest functionality and compatibility, please see Nest’s Terms & Conditions.

So you know what to expect and for further details, please ensure you read npower’s Terms & Conditions (PDF, 62KB).


The Nest Thermostat will be installed by a third party installation professional, and any technical support required will be provided by Nest.

Appointments are weekdays with morning and afternoon slots available; we will do our best to provide an appointment at a time that suits you.

The installer will conduct a boiler and system check at the start of the appointment. If at any stage they deem the boiler not to be functioning correctly, or identify a gas unsafe situation, the installation will not progress.

A Heat Link control box will be installed by the boiler and the Nest Thermostat will replace your existing thermostat on the wall. If the Nest Thermostat can’t replace your existing thermostat on the wall, you may need to put it elsewhere in your home on a Nest Stand – the installation professional can recommend the most suitable location, so you get the most benefit from Nest. If you require a stand for your Nest Thermostat, you’ll be able to purchase one from us following your install for an additional £29 (inclusive of VAT).

Your existing thermostat will be connected wirelessly to your broadband router – it should take around 75 minutes to install. You’ll also need to be at home whilst the installation takes place.

A few more things to note

  • You must be the homeowner to have the Nest Thermostat installed
  • The Nest Thermostat installation comes with a two-year workmanship warranty
  • Standard installation only is included

For full details of what is and isn’t included in your thermostat installation, please see our Terms & Conditions (PDF, 62KB)

Post installation

Post installation, you may contact Nest directly with questions about the Thermostat and any issues with its function or performance. You can speak to Nest on 0808 169 2307 Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 8pm.

If you move home and decide to take your Nest Thermostat to your new property, we recommend having it swapped out by a qualified agent (Note: npower does not offer this service).

* Requires payment of £249 (inclusive of VAT) which includes the Nest Thermostat and standard installation. You may incur additional charges if your property is not eligible for standard installation, should you agree to proceed. Post installation you should contact Nest with any questions or issues related to your Nest Thermostat.

**Terms, conditions and exclusions apply

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