Combisave is a thermostatically operated valve which fits to any existing model of wall hung combination boiler. By controlling the flow of domestic hot water during the initial firing up period, you could accelerate heating, saving you water, energy and time.

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Save money, water and energy 

  • Save Water – up to 55,000 litres of water every year
  • Save Gas – up to 1650 kwh per year, as the time taken to heat the water is reduced
  • Save time – up to 21 hours per year by producing hot water quicker
  • Save CO2 – by using less gas and water, the amount of Carbon Dioxide your home produces maybe greatly reduced (around 260kg – 500kg)

These figures are based on independent test carried out by EA Technologies, 2010. Savings are approximate and given as guidelines only. All figures are dependent upon the provision of standard occupancy patterns and activities, which may affect the estimated savings and predicted running costs figures. Actual costs and savings may vary.