npower Smart metering

Giving you information to gain control

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The Government has committed to the roll out of Smart meters in Great Britain by the end of 2020. Smart meters, along with the Smart energy display that comes with them, will help you understand how much energy you are using and give you information to help reduce your usage:

"Smart technology will change the way that customers interact with energy. Our customers will be able to see what their energy use means in pounds and pence and receive bills that reflect their actual consumption. We will be able to work with our customers to develop the right products and services for them."

Paul Massara, Chief Executive Officer

Installing, not selling

We were the first major supplier to sign up to the Which? Smart meter challenge. So, you can be sure we won’t try and sell anything to you whilst we’re at your home to fit your Smart meter.

Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

The Government have agreed a set of rules for the installation of Smart meters that suppliers must follow called the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP)