Credit Meter Tariffs

Understanding your meter charges


Standard rate Electricity

The majority of customers who use most of their electricity during the day, and who do not in the main use electricity to heat their house and/or to produce hot water are likely to benefit from this tariff.

Economy 7 Electricity

Customers with a two rate meter who use at least 20% of their electricity at night are likely to benefit from this tariff. Economy 7 tariffs have a higher unit rate for electricity used during the day, but a much cheaper rate for units of electricity used during a 7-hour off-peak period at night.

You can find out more about Economy 7 here.

Tariff Structure

Electricity and gas

We want our prices to be clear. So, from 1st May 2013 for both gas and electricity we’ll be simplifying all of our standard tariffs. We’ll be applying a standing charge that’s calculated on an equal daily basis together with a single unit rate in pence per kWh to work out the cost of energy you’ve actually used.

For some non-standard electricity tariffs you will pay for two units a day throughout the year at the higher primary rate and then at a lower rate for the remainder of electricity that you use.

You can also find out more about our electricity and gas prices here.