Gas safety advice

If you do smell gas call 0800 111 999 immediately.

DON'T smoke
DON'T use naked flames
DON'T turn electric switches on or off
DO turn off the gas supply at the meter
DO open doors and windows

If you have no gas supplyopen/close

If you have no gas supply and ALL of your gas appliances are affected:
Call National Grid's Gas Emergency Freephone number: 0800 111 999

Priority customers
If you’re registered for Priority Services and your gas supply is interrupted, your gas transporter will offer alternative temporary heating and cooking facilities within 4 hours or within 8 hours where more than 250 customers are affected (8pm to 8am excluded). If they don’t and you inform them of their failure within 3 months of the interruption you’ll receive a payment of £24.

If you have no gas supply and NOT all Gas appliances are affected:
This suggests that the problem is with a particular appliance. Contact our Home Services Team to arrange for one of our Gas Safe registered engineers to visit This service available in most areas of Great Britain.

Advice for gas prepayment customers open/close

If you are a prepayment customer with no gas supply, or you are experiencing problems with your device or meter, please contact us.

Faulty appliancesopen/close

If you think a gas appliance isn’t working properly make sure you don’t use it. Don’t try and investigate the problem or attempt to fix a leak or a faulty appliance yourself

It is illegal for anyone to use a gas appliance if they suspect it is unsafe. Turn the appliance off and do not touch it until it has been checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Find a Gas Safe registered engineer in your area

Why ventilation is importantopen/close

Make sure that grilles, outside flues and ventilation bricks aren’t covered or blocked.

Why are ventilation and flues so important?

  • So that an adequate supply of air is available to help the complete combustion of gas
  • To allow efficient operation of the flue to remove any combustion products that are produced such as carbon monoxide (CO)

Without these safety precautions dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can build up with the possibility of fatal consequences. There are some easy ways to help avoid the build up of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas leaks open/close

If you suspect there is a gas leak you should do the following immediately:

  • Call National Grid's Gas Emergency Freephone number: 0800 111 999
  • Open all the doors and windows
  • Turn the gas off at the mains if possible, unless the meter is located in the cellar or basement
  • Check that the pilot light has not gone out and check that all gas appliances are off. If the pilot light is still on and your gas appliances are all off, there may be a gas leak
  • Do not turn lights on or off and avoid using other electrical switches and appliances as this could trigger an explosion
  • Don’t smoke, light a match or any other naked flame

Gas Safety Inspections open/close

Make sure your gas meter is safe

Gas Meter Safety Inspections are important because your gas meter’s important. Even if you send us regular meter readings, we need to make sure your meter is working properly – if it’s old or damaged, it could be dangerous.

That’s why you should make sure your gas meter gets a Gas Meter Safety Inspection.

Your meter is the point at which gas enters your home. A Gas Meter Safety Inspection checks that it’s in good condition and safe to use.

What happens at a Gas Meter Safety Inspection?

It’s very quick and easy – you don’t have to do a thing. An experienced inspector will examine your meter. They’ll look carefully at the emergency control valve and at all the points where gas enters and leaves. They’ll make sure the meter is in good order and that no gas is able to escape.

Arranging a Gas Meter Safety Inspection

Your gas meter needs to be checked regularly. We’ll send you a letter to let you know that your meter is due for an inspection. Just call 0800 980 9058 (View call charge information) to book your appointment.

We’ll arrange a timeslot that’s best for you, and the inspection itself doesn’t take very long.

If you don’t get a letter from us, there’s nothing you need to do.

What happens if you don’t arrange your Gas Meter Safety Inspection?

If we’re not able to contact you to set up your appointment – we’ll send you reminder letters – we may have to apply for a warrant to gain access to your meter. It really is that important to your safety.

So keep an eye out for a letter that asks you to arrange your Gas Meter Safety Inspection and give us a call as soon as you hear from us. Together, we’ll keep your gas meter safe.