Switch energy supplier online

Thinking of joining us? Switching to npower is easy – we'll manage the process. Here's what will happen.

Switching to npower takes around 17 days from the day you apply.

Within the first 5 days

  • We'll send you a copy of your contract containing the details you have provided, along with our Terms and Conditions
  • We may also call you to check you are happy with your switch
  • There's no need to worry about contacting your current energy supplier to tell them about your switch to npower - we'll do this for you

Within a further 10 days

  • We'll write to confirm your start date with us and ask you to send us a meter reading. (Don't worry - we'll tell you how to do this)
  • We'll send your reading to your existing energy supplier, so that they can send your final bill
  • They may try to persuade you to stay with them. You can call us on 0800 3163 375 if you have any concerns about your switch
  • Make sure that you don’t stop your payments to your current energy supplier until you pay the final bill - they can stop your switch if you owe them money

Within a further 2 days

  • Your energy switch to npower will be complete!
  • Your account number is set up and will be sent out to you in the post
  • You'll start to receive your energy supply from npower and will receive your first bill within three months

Once your switch is complete

Direct Debit set up

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, we'll send you confirmation of your Direct Debit amount once this has been set up by your bank. Confirmation of the date and amount of your payment will be sent to you in writing at least 14 days in advance of the first payment.

Online account registration

You can register for an online account after your first payment.


If vouchers were included in your switch, please allow up to 8 weeks after the completion of your switch for these to be sent through to you. If you have switched to npower through an independent comparison site or through a cash back site please contact them directly regarding receipt of incentives.

Cancelling your contract

We give all our customers a 14 day 'cooling off' period during which you can cancel your contract. You will not be able to cancel the contract if you are outside your 14 day cooling off period.

If you change your mind, just call us free on 0800 3163375 from landlines or 0330 1008674 from mobiles (included in any 'inclusive minutes), write to us at PO Box 9647, Oldbury B69 2PZ or email us at customer.acquisitions@npower.com

If you have changed your mind about your switch and it's too late to cancel, you will still join npower and will need to provide us with opening meter readings. If you switch to an alternative supplier straight away, you will remain with us for around 17 days whilst your new supplier is initiating the change of supply process. If you have cancelled your contract and subsequently change your mind, we are unable to reactivate that application. In this instance, we'll simply set up a new contract for you.

We’ll send you confirmation in writing 7-10 days after we have cancelled your contract.