Financial help and support

If you're having trouble paying your bills, please tell us. We can help if we know there is a problem.

If you have received your bill or reminder letter and you cannot afford to pay, please call us on the number provided on the letter or bill you have received. We'll ask some questions regarding your situation to help us find you an affordable way to manage your npower bills.

Please make sure that you have your account number and up to date meter reading to hand when you call.

How to pay

Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to offer you further support and advice as well as payment options such as Direct Debit or regular payment plans. Find out about ways to pay your npower bills.

We have Statements of Service that cover paying for gas and electricity.

What happens if I don't contact you?

If you don't get in touch with us we'll write to you regarding the unpaid balance on your account. The following action may be taken:

  • We may pass your details to our debt recovery team
  • They may arrange for an agent to contact you and visit your home. If they do this we'll need to add the costs onto the amount you already owe us
  • We may apply for a warrant of entry from the court so that we can come into your home and fit a prepayment meter if it's practical and safe to do this
  • If we've done everything we can do to fit a prepayment meter but can't, we may disconnect your supply
  • Any charges incurred will be added to your balance

Remember, we are here to help and it will be in your best interest to call us as soon as you can so we can help you and prevent any further action taking place.

Your Credit Rating

Like many other companies, we share your payment performance information with Credit Reference Agencies (CRA’s). If you are late paying or miss paying us altogether, this will affect your credit rating, and may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future from other lenders, or the interest they ask you to pay.

See further information on our Credit Information Sharing page

Don’t wait – talk to us about ways to pay, or see our Ways to Pay section.

Other organisations that can help

If you're struggling to afford to pay your bills or have a number of debts, you may be able to get help and advice from your Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) or a money advice agency like StepChange Debt Charity which offers free, impartial advice and debt management solutions to anyone in the UK. You can also find the contact details of your local CAB in your phone book.

The Money Advice Trust can also provide a list of other agencies that may be able to help you. With any of these agencies, we will take account of what they tell us when agreeing a repayment arrangement.

Interested in reducing your energy costs?

For free advice on using less energy in your home visit our saving energy pages.