Nest learning thermostat

Intelligent Fix - April 2017

Want to worry less about energy? Then switch to our next generation energy tariff, which combines a price freeze with a Nest Learning Thermostat™.

Switch now and you can freeze the price of your energy, right up until the end of April 2017. With this tariff you’ll pay £99 for the Nest Thermostat and we’ll include a standard installation (worth £279).

Fixed price energy. Effortless control.

Saves you more

Intelligent Fix - April 2017 comes with a Nest Learning Thermostat and standard installation for £99 (worth £279), which could help you save up to £150 or more on your energy bill.

Learn about Nest

Know where you stand

Be sure about your gas and electricity prices until April 2017 with this fixed-price tariff for just £1 per month above the charges on our Standard tariff (as at 15.05.14).

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Dual Fuel Direct Debit

You’ll have to take both gas and electricity and pay by Direct Debit, but we’ll give you a discount.

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No more paper bills

You’ll avoid the pile-up of unwanted paper by managing your account online with ease.

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Come home to Nest

The Nest Thermostat works with almost any boiler. What’s more, we’ll carry out a standard installation for you free of charge.

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If you want to switch to Intelligent Fix – April 2017, you need to:

  • Be the homeowner
  • Have heating that runs on gas, oil, or LPG
  • Have a compatible central heating system in full working order
  • Provide clear access to your boiler, a wi-fi code and a working wi-fi connection

For full details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Finally. A thermostat you don’t have to program.

The Nest Learning Thermostat™ is a heating programmer and thermostat in one. It programs itself, automatically turns itself down when you’re away and can be controlled with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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What you get from Nest

It’s a thermostat, programmer, and frostat in one.

Remote Control

Control your Nest Thermostat from anywhere

You can stay in control and change the temperature from your smartphone, tablet or laptop—anywhere, anytime.


It learns your schedule and programs itself

The Nest Thermostat programs itself to create a personalised schedule based on the temperature changes you’ve made and continually adjusts to your changing life.

The Nest Leaf

The Nest leaf means you’re saving energy

The Nest leaf icon appears when you turn the Nest Thermostat to a temperature that’s energy efficient—it guides you to save more energy.

True Radiant

Learns how long your home takes to warm up

No more guessing when to turn on the heat. Nest learns when to turn things on so it’s just how you like it, when you like it.


It won’t heat an empty home

The Nest Thermostat notices when you’re away and automatically turns itself down so you don’t waste any energy heating an empty home.

Energy History

Get detailed info about your energy usage

The more you know, the more you can save. The Nest app shows you how much energy you used and why.

News and views

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Everyone can make a change to being more energy efficient – and we’re making it a whole lot simpler for our customers. We’re working with Nest, the company known for reinventing...

Intelligent tariff, intelligent technology

The Nest Thermostat - thinking inside the box

With its unique and beautiful Nest Learning Thermostat™, Nest has done something amazing: they’ve rethought the humble central heating thermostat. With eco-conscious...

The Nest Thermostat - thinking inside the box

Frequently asked questions

Got questions or want to learn more? In this section you’ll get those questions answered about our Intelligent Fix - April 2017 tariff, the Nest Thermostat, the installation process and more.

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Download all the terms and conditions relating to this tariff below

There are some important things you should know about this tariff. We’ve put a brief summary below for you, but please ensure you download and read all the terms and conditions:

To see an estimate of how much you’d be paying with Intelligent Fix – April 2017, get a quote.

Intelligent Fix - April 2017:Intelligent Fix – April 2017 is a fixed price tariff for customers taking both gas and electricity. Prices will be fixed until 30/04/17 (providing no charge or cost is imposed by or as a consequence of any action, order, decision or imposition by any governmental, statutory or licensing authority, and, when added to our charges, this causes our prices to exceed the fixed price) but may change for you if your payment method or meter type changes or you don’t continue to meet the eligibility criteria of the tariff. If there is a change in the rate of VAT chargeable in respect of the energy we supply, this will cause our charges to change and may increase the charges you pay to us.

For greater certainty in the future - you’ll pay just £1 per month above the charges for Direct Debit customers taking both gas and electricity on our Standard tariff (as at 15 May 2014). Includes VAT at the reduced rate of 5%.

With this tariff, you can pay either by monthly Direct Debit or quarterly variable Direct Debit. You’ll also manage your account online with paperless billing. The tariff isn’t available to receipt of bill customers, prepayment customers or customers with non-standard metering.

After 30 April 2017, you’ll automatically move to our cheapest Standard variable tariff applicable to you.

Comes with a Nest Thermostat for £99 including standard installation (worth £279):With this tariff, there is also a one-off fee of £99 to purchase the Nest Thermostat, which includes standard installation (worth £279). Payment for this will be taken over the telephone and will be separate to your energy account. If we can’t install the Nest Thermostat you’ll be transferred to our Standard tariff. We will refund any excess charges you have already paid in comparison with our standard variable prices for your region and you will not incur an early exit fee.

To have the Nest Learning Thermostat professionally installed, you’ll need to be a homeowner with a fully working and compatible central heating system and boiler. The installer will require clear access to your boiler, a Wi-Fi code and a working Wi-Fi connection. It is compatible with most, but not all, central heating systems.

Changing your tariff or supplier:If you decide you want to switch tariff or supplier on or before 12 March 2017, an exit fee of £50 per fuel may apply.

A standing charge applies to this tariff.

Your Direct Debit discount:As you’ll pay by Direct Debit, your daily standing charge will be discounted so that over a year you’ll receive a discount of £40 on your electricity charges and £50 on your gas charges for paying by Direct Debit. If you stop paying by Direct Debit, you’ll move on to our Standard receipt of bill tariff. If this happens, we’ll let you know. There is no additional discount after 12 months as it is already taken into account in the price you pay each day. Subject to change.

Meter read reminders:We’ll use the reading(s) you supply to produce your next bill whenever possible. There may be some circumstances when it isn’t possible to use your meter reading and in this case we’ll estimate your consumption. Our agents will still require access to your meter to take readings and for safety checks. The meter reads you supply will be in addition to our own meter reads and will be used to provide the most up-to-date view on your statement.

Offer subject to availability and may be withdrawn, suspended or amended at any time.

Worth £279:£179 is the retail price chargeable by npower for the Nest Learning Thermostat and the standard npower installation charge is £100, if purchased as a standalone product without your gas/electricity supply.