Getting things right for our customers

Following our letter of apology to all customers in December 2013, we've been working really hard and made real progress, both on problems we've had and the overall service we're now providing.

Putting things right

We’re working hard to make sure we get things right for our customers but sometimes, things can go wrong. If this happens, we want to know as we value your feedback. This way we can make sure we put things right.

Total complaints

Total number of complaints we have received each month.

Chart showing the total number of complaints received

Complaints unresolved after 1 day

Complaints unresolved by the end of the first working day after the complaint was received.

Chart showing the outstanding number of complaints

Total complaints outstanding at the end of each month

Chart showing the total complaints outstanding at the end of each month

Ombudsman complaints outstanding

Complaints which have been received by the ombudsman and referred to us to resolve.

Chart showing complaints which have been received by the Ombudsman and referred to us to resolve

Ombudsman remedies >28 days

Cases in which 28 days have passed since ombudsman decision was made.

Chart showing cases in which 28 days have passed since ombudsmen decision was made

How to raise a complaint open/close

We can solve most problems straight away but if you’re not happy and would like to raise a formal complaint, you can contact us - we'll try to put things right straight away:

  • Call: 0800 316 9328 (free from most landlines) or 0330 100 8628 (included in any 'inclusive minutes' from mobiles)
  • Online: visit
  • Email:
  • Write: npower Complaints, PO Box 97, Peterlee SR8 9AP

We also publish additional complaint information at

You can see what actions we're taking by looking at our 'top 5 causes of customer complaints'.

Billing open/close

We want to make sure you know you’re paying the right amount for the actual energy you’re using, so:

  • We’ve changed how our bills look so they’re much easier to understand.
  • We’ve posted a video to explain the changes we’ve made to make things simpler for you.
  • We’ve also improved our customer service web pages to make sure information is available 24 hours a day – just when you need it.
  • Our Tariff Comparison Rate checker lets you compare your gas and electricity prices quickly and simply so you can check you’re on the right tariff for you.
  • You can quickly check your bills online – it’s really simple to sign up for this.
  • Regular meter readings mean accurate bills – you can send us a meter reading online – even if you haven’t registered as an online customer.

Payments open/close

The amount you pay can depend on the time of year, the tariff you are on and the amount of energy you’re using. We want to make sure you’re paying the right amount so:

  • We’ve changed how our bills look so they’re much easier to understand.
  • We’ve posted helpful videos on our website to explain how payments are calculated.
  • Our online direct debit web page tells you all you need to know about paying by direct debit.
  • We’ve recently launched a handy app, for smartphones, which will also provide access to these details.

Metering open/close

We read your meter regularly so we can make sure our information is up to date – such as checking it’s correctly recording your energy use and working safely.

  • We’re working closely with our metering agents to make sure they keep their promises when they say they will visit your home.
  • We’ll also remind you when your meter needs a safety check.
  • Regular meter readings mean accurate bills – you can send us a meter reading online – even if you haven’t registered as an online customer.
  • We’re moving forward with our plans to fit Smart meters and we’ll be doing this over the next 6 years. Smart meters come with a portable Smart energy display that makes it easier for you to understand how much gas and electricity you’re using and gives you a good idea of how it affects your bill - helping you make smarter choices about the energy you use. Smart meters also send us your energy data to us remotely so you won’t need to stay in for someone to read your meter or give us a reading yourself. You don’t need to do anything - we’ll let you know when we’re installing Smart meters in your area.

Switching / transfers open/close

You’ve told us how frustrating it is if you have to wait longer than expected to switch your energy.

  • Our online guide explains the switching process. And, if you’re moving home, this guide will make it simple.

Debt open/close

No one likes the idea of money worries, so:

  • We work closely with organisations like National Debtline and Citizens Advice to help customers who are finding it hard to pay their bills.
  • Our Spreading Warmth Programme help to those most in need such as the elderly, low income families, disabled and chronically sick. We offer help to manage your bills, keep warm and reduce energy costs.
  • We have a dedicated Energy Efficiency Helpline to help you make your home more energy efficient, there by potentially reducing your energy use - and your carbon footprint.
  • Our npower Energy Fund helps npower customers who are struggling to pay for energy debt.
  • So, if you’re finding things difficult, please get in touch. We’d like to help.

For further information and to see how we're doing, please view our quarterly complaints performance figures.

Late invoicing

We previously saw some problems with our new billing system, which meant we couldn’t bill some of our customers on time. We’re working really hard to make sure we can bill all of our customers on time although there will always be instances where this may not be possible. For example if we have conflicting meter readings, which need investigating.

Here’s our progress to date.

Chart showing how we are getting on with clearing our backlog of late invoices

Between June and the end of August, we met all of the targets Ofgem set us for reducing the number of late invoices.

Did you know?

  • We send 9,788,406 paper bills per year, 815,701 per month and 194,214 per week.
  • We send 4,417,011 online bills per year, 368,084 per month and 87,639 per week.

What can we help you with today?

Have a question for us? Use this tool to search our Q&A database as we may already have an answer for you!

Or, you can click on one of our many frequent Q&As:

What is Ofgem’s position on your customer service?open/close

We have been working closely with them since June this year to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our complaint and late invoice numbers. While we’re pleased to report we have met the targets they set us for late billing and complaints and continue to make progress, and we remain under investigation for these. This work is ongoing and we remain fully committed to significantly improving the way we look after our customers.

Where's my bill?open/close

We're sorry if you have experienced a delay in receiving your bill. We're working really hard to reduce the backlog caused by our billing system issues and hope to be back to normal by September.

I'm worried about getting a bigger bill, what can I do?open/close

Call us. We know it may be hard to budget for a bill if it doesn't arrive when you expect it to.

What happens if I can't pay the bill?open/close

Please call us. If, as a result of our system problems, you weren't expecting to pay the amount that's shown in your bill, then we'll give you longer to pay the bill.

I left npower a while ago but still haven't received my final bill. Will I have to pay it?open/close

If you left us before 1st December, and didn't receive your final bill by 1st June, we'll clear any unbilled debt. If you owe us money from a previous bill, that part of the balance will not be reduced.

If you feel you're struggling to pay the bill, please do not worry - do get in touch with us as we can offer help with longer payment periods. You can call us for free on 0800 073 3000 from a landline or 0300 100 300 from a mobile.

Related questions

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We're here to help


Our continued promise to our customers is that no customer directly affected by the problems with our billing system will lose out financially. We appreciate that you may need to talk to us, that you’ll have questions, and you want to let us know how you feel. For that reason, we have more people on the phones who are ready to listen, and ready to help. If there’s anything we can do then please call us:

From landlines:

0800 073 3000

From mobiles:

0330 100 3000

View our opening times and call charges

Everyone at npower is dedicated to making these changes and resolving these problems. We are absolutely committed to treating our customers fairly, not only complying with our regulator Ofgem's Standards of Conduct, but also putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

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