Selby High School pupils came up with a fantastic, creative idea to write a story book for primary school kids teaching them to be green. The book focused on a bear called Boam, who wakes up one morning and discovers his favourite ice slide is melting. Thereafter he sets out on a journey around the world to find out why. The book, illustrated and written by the pupils, formed part of a series of lesson plans, which the pupils delivered to schools across the area.

Alistair Campbell was very impressed with their innovative and original idea and the confidence the pupils showed in taking on the role of primary school teacher. The team visited five primary schools and clubs holding an activity morning for Year 3 and 4s, including reading their book to the children. The feedback received from both teachers and students was excellent.

Judge Alastair Campbell commented:

"Selby High School students have proved that small actions can make a big difference. By encouraging their community and peers to be more aware of their environment, the students are demonstrating the power their generation can have to make change happen. I am delighted to hear that the pupils are intending to start yet another book on recycling."