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Introducing Climate Cops to your 7 – 11 year olds Introducing Climate Cops to your 7 – 11 year olds

Introducing Climate Cops to your 7 – 11 year olds

Bright ideas in energy efficiency

The NEW Climate Cops teaching resource has been developed with practising teachers to provide a comprehensive set of tools to deliver a series of stimulating lessons and exciting assemblies. The aim of the programme is to engage children in energy efficiency to encourage them to make a genuine improvement to the environment. Visit where your children can play our interactive energy saving games and download Climate Cop materials and activities.


Students are invited to join the Climate Cops – Skye, Will, Oscar and their polar bear K’eyush – to explore how we use electricity every day. Working through a range of full colour resources, they'll learn about the energy journey covering:

  1. What is energy and where does it come from?
  2. How does electricity get to your home and how is it used?
  3. How to use electricity sensibly – including enegy efficiency and safety
  4. The way forward – planning for the future

The Climate Cops resource includes:

1 x Teacher booklet (containing flexible classroom ideas for discussion and practical activities for each topic.)

4 x Classroom posters and flash cards (supporting different stages of the energy journey and designed to act as visual and interactive teaching aids.)

10 x Information cards (developed as both a reference tool and/or can be distributed to pupils to assist learning.)

25 x Worksheets (carrying a series of class activities to support lesson outcomes.)

1 x Parent leaflet (to reinforce the key energy efficiency messages that have been covered in school at home.)

1 x CD ROM (containing all the above plus assembly plans, animated diagrams, whiteboard activities and much more)

Teacher booklet

The topics allow you to create individual lesson plans suiting the abilities of your pupils and preferred teaching styles. The teacher booklet includes background information to assist you in delivering the topics, in addition to:-

  • learning objectives
  • curriculum links
  • suggestions for resources
  • starting points
  • productive questions
  • opportunities to develop skills and knowledge
  • additional activities to extend children's learning in Science and other curriculum areas.

You can download and print out a copy of the teacher booklet.

This is a truly engaging resource for pupils and teachers. It’s carefully researched, well-presented and easy to use – an excellent interactive learning tool. Not only does it provide stimulating, relevant activities in Science, Geography, Citizenship and English, but it also empowers children to make a real difference to their environment and their world. Ron Naylor, Headteacher, Forefield Junior School, Merseyside.

The Climate Cops teaching resource addresses the Science component of the Scottish 5-14 Curriculum for levels C – E and supports vital learning around energy efficiency and sustainability. The lesson plans are both teacher-friendly, and exciting and engaging for pupils. Danielle Lucas, Class Teacher, St Mary’s Primary School, Dunbartonshire.

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