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At npower, we’re dedicated to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently and therefore spend less money on their bills.

Why not take advantage of our Energy Saving Know:How initiative. It includes information, videos and advice which could help you start saving money today.

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Existing customers

Save 10% off renewal price:

  1. Savings are based on a projected annual spend calculated using electricity consumption information for the previous 12 months (which must be over 4,000 kWh). The renewal unit rate and standing charge from your existing supplier will be used to calculate an annual cost comparison value based on npower’s assumptions about usage patterns, and the prices quoted will reflect a 10% minimum reduction against this annual cost figure.
  2. For the purposes of the unit rate calculation, the first original written renewal quote received from your existing supplier is required to be provided and should have been issued within the preceding 5 days. npower may at its discretion accept or reject renewal quotes received outside of this period. Any subsequent or counter-offers received from your existing supplier or other supplier are not eligible for consideration. In the event that npower discovers that any written renewal quote provided is a counter or subsequent offer no savings discount will be applied.
  3. You have or are due to receive your first written renewal offer from your current supplier and your current supply contract expires within four months.
  4. Your meter configuration must be supported within npower’s charging structure.
  5. The unit price npower quotes is valid for a comparable contract period associated with the renewal.
  6. This offer is available to non-npower electricity customers where they are contracting on their own behalf only. Where supply contracts are procured through any third party intermediary the offer is not available.
  7. This offer is subject to a valid contract for supply being agreed between npower and the customer and subject to npower’s terms and conditions of supply and paying your bills by Direct Debit.
  8. A valid copy of a renewal letter clearly detailing electricity contract renewal unit rate and standing charge must be submitted to npower by post, fax or email Post: Save 10% off renewal price switch, npower, Wetherby Road, Leeds, LS14 3HS, Fax: Headed - FAO Save 10% off renewal price switch. To – 0113 289 5555, Email: Sales.Support@npower.com, You must populate the Header Field with “Save 10% off renewal price switch”.
  9. If a valid renewal letter is not submitted and a contract has been agreed between npower and the customer for supply, npower shall be entitled not to apply the savings discount to the customer’s account.
  10. npower reserves the right to withdraw, extend or amend this offer at its sole discretion.

Free energy monitor: Although your energy monitor is called a ‘home’ energy monitor it’s still suitable for use in a small to medium business.

Telephone calls: We may monitor and/or record calls for security, quality or training purposes. Calls from BT landlines to numbers beginning with 0800 or 0845 may be free. The price of calls may vary with other operators and calls from mobiles may be considerably higher. Please check with your operator for exact charges.