Contacting your Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

Your DNO is responsible for the power supply in your area and they look after the wires and cables that connect your home or business to the National Grid. Your electricity is supplied through these wires and cables by npower.

If you lose your electricity supply and the power cut affects other houses or businesses in your area, you should call 105 or contact your DNO.

Contacting your DNO

Look at your Supply Number (also called Meter Point Administration Number or MPAN) to find the DNO short code.

Your Supply Number looks like this on your bill - the first 2 digits on the bottom row of numbers are the DNO short code:

supply number image

You can also find your Supply Number on the letters we’ve sent you - the first 2 digits are the DNO short code.

Then use the DNO short code to identify your DNO in the list below.