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In order to maintain a profitable business, an enterprise needs to have its electricity and gas sorted. Energy solutions from npower take care of all your electricity and gas needs through one convenient and helpful service provider.

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npower seeks to service the electricity and gas needs of all sizes of businesses, from small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to large corporate operations, so we offer a wide range of electricity and gas solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

At npower, we strive to offer great support and service to our customers, so businesses can make savings on their gas and electricity costs while still enjoying the high-quality service they've come to expect as standard from npower.

We offer resources to our gas and electricity customers designed to save money and lower a business' impact on the environment. With Energy Saving Know:How, businesses can better monitor their gas and electricity consumption in an effort to cut down on what they use.

Whether you're looking to save your business money on gas or electricity, npower has the right plan to help you reduce energy consumption. Find out more on how we can help:

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Search for gas and electricity rates for your business by completing a quote from npower online. Get a quote and your business could start saving on your electricity and gas bills with npower.

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