Portfolio Projects

You could maximise efficiency and minimise disruption

If you’re upgrading equipment across an entire retail estate, you know that every hour of unaccounted downtime costs dearly. That’s why you need experienced energy experts on your team.

npower’s Energy Efficiency Project Managers are highly skilled when it comes to decommissioning, installing and re-commissioning equipment, so you can embark upon large scale energy management projects in the knowledge that your improvements will be implemented by qualified experts who will work with you to help you achieve your energy efficiency targets.

Prepare for success

Before commencement of more detailed planning, your project manager will help you understand the impact of your planned changes in terms of costs, disruption, potential energy savings and the return on investment.

If you decide to go ahead with the preparatory phase, we will provide you with a comprehensive energy audit and action plan that analyses your potential for efficiency increases, including forecasts of energy and cost savings. We can then assist you in developing a business case to support your investment, including the anticipated payback period.

Green light

When it’s time to carry out the work, you can count on our expert insight into the complexities of implementing solutions on a large scale.

Your Energy Efficiency Project Manager can:

  • Carry out pilot installations to highlight the benefits before undertaking the projects across your whole estate
  • Coordinate delivery of new plant and equipment
  • Recommend reliable suppliers if needed
  • Oversee installations whether in-house or third-party
  • Measure and evaluate to verify savings resulting from installation

Monitor and target

Measure the positive results of your portfolio project with npower’s flagship energy management software encompass. With encompass’s customisable dashboard you can track the reduction in your consumption and CO2, analyse the energy efficiency of your investments and easily generate reports.