Audits and Action Reports

Plan ahead to get ahead

Take steps towards long-term and sustainable energy efficiency with an npower Audit and Action Report.

Launch energy-saving initiatives

We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your business and then create a costed plan with deliverable activities, timescales and payback periods. When it comes to seeking project funding, we’ll even present the proposals to your key decision makers.

Decrease carbon and increase competitive advantage

Audits and Action Reports could help you gain a competitive advantage in the low carbon economy, because major companies are increasingly choosing suppliers who have a structured carbon reduction plan, and a clear vision of how to achieve it. You could place yourself ahead of the pack by putting that programme into place now.

Collaborate to completion

The energy action plan is a collaborative process of working together through a series of stages, from information gathering to presentation of the completed plan. Cooperating in this way helps to make the planned actions clear and workable for your business. The three stages of the process are:

  • Audit
  • Action Planning
  • Proposal


To analyse how you currently use energy, our experts will consider your current electricity and gas consumptions, bench mark site performances and establish whether site surveys are required.

If a site survey is required we’ll help identify whether you qualify for a free audit from the Carbon Trust. If you do not qualify then our auditing team will conduct the site survey for you at a convenient time. Together we produce an audit report that details where savings can be made.

Action Planning

The energy audit report is then turned into a prioritised Action Plan detailing short, medium and long term measures. This in turn is used to create fully costed proposals with timescales and return on investment analysis.


We’ll even help with your funding application to carry out your plan by presenting the proposals to key decisions makers within your business.  

Implement and evaluate

When your proposal gets the go-ahead, we can then assist you in its implementation, from small scale installations to multi-site portfolio projects. Upon completion we can also help you to evaluate the success of the project and demonstrate how much energy has been saved as a result.