Budget Portfolio

Offer your clients the security of a fixed contract, with flexible purchasing benefits

What is Budget Portfolio?

Budget Portfolio enables you to offer your smaller clients the benefits of large-scale purchasing power, but while still retaining the security of a fixed-rate contract arrangement. There is no minimum volume requirement for individual clients and a maximum annual consumption volume per client of 6GWh. But to qualify for Budget Portfolio, you must aggregate your nominated clients into one or more purchasing groups with a collective minimum annual volume of 6GWh. Contracts can then be offered for 24 months.

A new approach to buying energy

We can’t predict the future, but we can now offer you the opportunity to secure more advantageous rates for fixed-contract clients. Rather than waiting to fix the commodity rate at the start of a new contract period, our energy market professionals on the npower Optimisation Desk will monitor the wholesale market on your behalf and secure a rate which matches – or beats – your client’s energy budget before their contract start date. What’s more, Budget Portfolio will also fix the specified non-commodity elements of your client’s energy bill, allowing them to budget more effectively. And there is full consumption flexibility, as Budget Portfolio is offered without volume tolerance restrictions.

Consultant Benefits

  • Fixed non-commodity charges up to 39 months in advance.
  • A budget-driven alternative to standard fixed contracts.
  • The ability to secure your clients contracts 12 months in advance.
  • No complex market analysis or flexible product jargon.
  • A straightforward process to explain the benefits to your customers.
  • Clear and expert support from npower’s Optimisation Desk.
  • Budget rates for your customers that should be matched or beaten (on a like for like basis)
  • Dedicated Account Management and CRM

Your Client’s Benefits

  • Fixed non-commodity charges up to 39 months in advance.
  • Future fixed certainty*
  • A price guarantee*
  • Access to high-volume benefits for low-volume consumption.


Budget Portfolio is a consultant-only product for your fixed contract customers**. It’s been specially designed for smaller customers with annual consumption of 6GWh or less. Budget Portfolio is suitable for single sites, groups or franchises.

If you are interested in Budget Portfolio, please speak to your Business Development Manager, or email business@npower.com.

*Subject to any change in rate required to be imposed by law, new costs introduced after the date of the agreement, or a force majeure event which impacts purchasing under Budget Portfolio. - except where events occur outside of our control. ** Budget Portfolio is not currently available for micro business customers.