Access: Flexible Power

A new approach to energy contracts

Working in partnership with key consultants and clients we have developed Access: Flexible Power, an innovative solution that maintains core benefits that you have come to expect from a consortium structure whilst providing far greater flexibility and optionality for both consultants and clients.

Contract multiple clients within a single framework agreement

Like a conventional consortium agreement, Access: Flexible Power enables you to give smaller organisations access to npower’s sophisticated supply functionality so they can benefit from complex price-setting strategies.

The key improvement that this product offers is that you can now cater for your customers’ varying appetites for risk by operating multiple price setting strategies under a single framework agreement. By setting your own pricing strategy in this way you could meet the requirements of all members of the group, and avoid cross-subsidisation by pricing each group member in accordance with their own consumption profile.

This enhanced flexibility also makes it easier to manage your customer additions and exits with minimised impact to other group members and also allows you to offer individual clients bespoke management fees.

Continuing benefits

With Access: Flexible Power you continue to get direct access to our award-winning Optimisation desk, the latest market reports, and the Risk Navigator application for support with all your price setting decisions. You can also still take advantage of market opportunities with npower’s sophisticated flexibility features such as Unset, Reset, Index Settlement and Limit Orders.

The npower advantage

As part of the RWE Group, we bring the experience of wholesale market traders who are actively trading markets across the European Energy Complex. This means we can provide you with procurement products that help you to take better advantage of market opportunities and pass on these benefits to your customers. Our Optimisation Desk experts are on hand to help you get the most from your risk management strategy and trading execution.


In order to benefit from this innovative solution, we ask interested Consultants to bring a minimum of 6 GWh into the framework arrangement.