Flexible Energy Purchasing

Spread your risks

Take more control with bespoke flexible purchasing

npower’s Flexible Energy Purchasing products put you in control of the timing and amount of energy your business purchases, so that you can increase the likelihood of buying at a better average price.

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Buy when you choose

Flexible Purchasing means you can spread your price risk over a number of purchasing decisions throughout the year.  Our flexible products are fully supported by comprehensive and timely wholesale market information to help you manage your company’s energy needs.

Support and expertise

With flexible purchasing you’ll have access to our award winning Optimisation Desk and online Risk Navigator application.  You will receive real-time price quotes, market and Price Setting Reports as well as strategic support from our experienced trading staff.

Why buy flexibly?

Approximately 75% of your entire energy expenditure goes to pay for the changing core commodity cost of power.  Fixed products can only provide your business with one purchase decision for the full duration of your contract, but Flexible Purchasing solutions can enable you to better manage your market price risk.

As the energy market becomes increasingly volatile, many businesses are using strategies that allow them to spread their purchasing decisions, and therefore the price risk associated with being tied to one decision, regardless of where the market moves.

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We have a range of flexible purchasing products to suit your business needs, find out more about our flexible products.