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Risk management

Fixed or flexible?

We could help you minimise your energy risk

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Fixed energy purchasing

Protect yourself

We could help you avoid market volatility with a made-to-measure fixed contract

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Contract renewals

You could beat the market

Renew early and fix your price in advance

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Flexible energy purchasing

Spread your risks

Take more control with bespoke flexible purchasing

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Renewable energy purchasing

Reduce your footprint

Be more sustainable with energy from renewable sources

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Demand management

Generate revenue with SmartSTOR from npower. Reduce your charges with our Triad Warning Service.

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Unmetered supplies

Friendly and efficient

Connections, new business and renewals

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Flex: Begin

Fixed or flexible?

A simple, secure and cost-effective way to access the wholesale energy market

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Helping you make the right decisions for your business

From our specialist Optimisation Desk to Risk Navigator, npower offers you an award-winning range of services and online tools to provide you with market intelligence to support your energy decisions.

We are committed to helping you make the right energy purchasing decision for your business. By giving your business more control, we can help you to minimise your energy risk.

Once your energy purchasing decisions have been made, we can also help you self-manage your business energy and carbon needs with powerful online tools such as Energy Assist and Encompass.

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