Measure: Gas Automated Meter Reading

Control made simple

Gas AMR gives you the superior quality of information you need to help reduce the time, effort and cost involved in managing your gas consumption.

Combine Gas AMR with our powerful energy management software encompass to help take control of your gas usage with a greater understanding of exactly how much is being used, across multiple sites, at any time of day. With this information you could budget more confidently for your annual gas needs, drive cost savings through increased energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Simple to upgrade

Upgrading your gas meter to Gas AMR is easy. We simply install a data logger on your existing pulsed output gas meter (pulse must be available and in working order). We then retrieve your profile data and load it into encompass for energy management purposes. Your metered consumption data will then be made available for billing.

Goodbye estimates, hello accurate bills

AMR data can be used by your gas supplier which means you automatically get accurate bills instead of estimates. What’s more, your Gas AMR arrangements are separate to your gas supply contract, so you are not tied into a supply contract with any one supplier. Rest assured that we will not pass your data to 3rd parties.

Information at your fingertips

As part of Gas AMR you could get online access to npower’s sophisticated encompass package, part of npower’s m3 portfolio of products and services designed to help you measure, monitor and minimise your energy consumption. Encompass lets you manage the costs and carbon usage across your entire utility portfolio in one place, making it easier to reduce waste, identify savings and adhere to requirements of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.