Electricity from renewable energy sources in the UK has increased by 50% in a year, rising from 6.3% in April 2010 to 9.6% this year. The statistics released by DECC yesterday have revealed a record-breaking year for the UK renewable industry.

Low carbon sources fared well in the last year as supply from hydro and wind rose by a massive 74.7% and 120.3% respectively. Dr Gordon Edge, RenewableUK's Director of Policy, said "We've reached a historic high, with renewable energy now providing almost 10% of the UK's electricity. These statistics show that the wind industry making a tremendous contribution to the nation's energy supply. Wind is now providing enough power to supply nearly three and a quarter million homes in the UK.”

Electricity from the UK’s nuclear fleet also exceeded 20% for the first time since the second quarter of 2006 and accounted for 21.3% of total electricity.

Despite massive rises in low carbon energy, fossil fuels still account for two thirds of our energy requirements.

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